Numbers on here are small today, but the people on Bitcoin Fedi are the ones building, teaching, stacking & HODLing.

Bullish on bitcoin thanks to the people I see here.


could be zero dollars on every exchange, and I'd still trade time for Sats at a reasonable rate.

I'm a scalable web applications developer, in case you need that.

@stephanlivera everyone here is a bitcoiner. no one to orange pill, no one to troll.

@stephanlivera Thanks to all the awesome content you put out for us.

@stephanlivera We don’t seem to be fighting since I haven’t seen any shit coiners. I’d guess most of us have jobs we actually have pride in. Two good reasons for less talk during the week. I like this place.

@RonaldCrb @2140btc well there's also less of an audience for them to shill to. But that might change over time

I see this place as a Bitcoin think tank/forum to analyze, decipher and discuss issues regarding Bitcoin topics. A somewhat quiet place to take in and share bitcoin sustenance before we head back out to fiat world...✊

@stephanlivera thank you for coming over and participating early!

@stephanlivera honest ?: what's Fedi? (i searched on DuckDuckGo but nothing comes up)

@stephanlivera You were right. Glad I joined. Good to have a plan B as the threat BTC poses on Cantillion beneficiaries grows bigger and may trigger them to do stupid things to us.

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