Will we have enough momentum this time on mastodon?

@stephanlivera Maybe.

My usual twitter feed looks like a ghost town right now. It has a completely different feel and a shit ton of people I know are starting to follow me here.

Are you seeing anything close to that?

@stephanlivera I sure hope. I've seen multiple waves in the last 2-3 years. Every time, there's a bit more people that stay.

Before Trump was banned from Twitter, my toots were getting approx 10% of my tweets' engagement.

@stephanlivera If you and a few other major guys stop tweeting for good, all plebs will eventually follow over here.

@ibz I can't exactly stop tweeting while I still have access to that audience though. But I can try to cross post and engage in different platforms like gab Parler mastodon etc

@stephanlivera True, but IMO if you tweet and bridge from there to here, this place will feel more like 2nd hand and people will keep following on Twitter. If on the other hand you would bridge from here to there, you would still have the audience over there but make this place feel like home and encourage people to come over.

@supertestnet @ibz @stephanlivera yes, I've unfollowed a lot of accounts that just x-post their twitter feed to here. Its very rare they actually interact here, so its not really interesting to follow them for me. I prefer someone I can talk to, not just a feed of read-only status updates.

You can scale up the spread of your message easily, but engagement is different. It really just depends what you're looking for though, there isn't any one 'right answer' for how to use these networks.

@htimsxela @supertestnet @ibz right a more ideal cross posting tool would also have ways to respond to each person on that respective platform so you still have back and forth discussion

@stephanlivera @supertestnet @ibz afaiu, that is actually the end-game of activity pub (which is the protocol mastodon runs on). The different social platforms built on activity pub can interoperate, but doing the same for corporate platforms is tough. afaik twitter (and other social apps) keep their API locked down in this regard. They want you to be on *their* platform, as thats how they monetize. If you're interacting from afar, they're losing their direct audience (revenue).

@htimsxela @supertestnet @ibz gotcha, makes sense (from their POV).

Guess we just have to make do with a crazy mish mash of social media accounts.

Just like we do with texting apps...

@stephanlivera @htimsxela @supertestnet @ibz i want to do away with phone numbers entirely. why can't my numbers be IPv6 in format and generated via the same method we generate bitcoin addresses.

sick of spammers or randoms having unfettered incoming call access to my life.

@bitcoinordeath @stephanlivera @htimsxela @ibz cut the cord. There are several services for making phone calls online. Get a pager to alert you of mixed calls/texts, then call back from an online service at your convenience.

@supertestnet @stephanlivera @htimsxela @ibz almost all services i've used lately require a mobile telephone number. some are able to distinguish between disposable cell numbers vs legit numbers.
legacy mobile phone networks keep us plugged into their slave surveillance system

@bitcoinordeath @stephanlivera @htimsxela @ibz I find that the number of services which require a non-voip number are few and have alternatives (e.g. Uber requires them but I use Lyft instead). It is also possible to rent a non-voip number via lightning e.g.

@supertestnet @stephanlivera @htimsxela @ibz this is exactly what i want but the sim/esims aren't available at the moment

thanks for the info @supertestnet 👍

@stephanlivera @supertestnet @ibz ugh, yea, the multitudes of texting apps really are a bane haha. Reminds me of this XKCD comic...

But ultimately I don't think having choice is bad, it allows for competition. Although there is a bit of a tragedy of the commons involved in the network-effects of a subpar social app, for example I think that most people dislike facebook, yet fb is still plugged into everything. 'Too big to fail' will hopefully never describe social apps

@stephanlivera @ibz props to you Stephan for being the first podcast host to be here. 👏

@ibz @stephanlivera like a digital Atlas Shrugged. “Where did everyone go?” 😂

@ibz @stephanlivera 💯

Fact is, Twitter feeds off our content - our tweets. Cut that off and it starves. Don't do that, and people won't switch.

@stephanlivera get some of your buds to move and it might take this time! Matt Marty max Stacy Preston Jeff Vallis Brady Lyn

@drbitcoinmd when we get better tooling, and or when something has a big enough network effect

@stephanlivera @drbitcoinmd tusky app makes it surprisingly twitter like. And I love the linear timeline. My next project is to spin up my own instance on digitalocean

@bimmer @stephanlivera @drbitcoinmd I’m using the Amaroq app. It’s pretty good for notifications, it helps for staying active i noticed

@stephanlivera if the call to decentralize social media this week wasn’t loud and clear, god help those imprisoned by Silicon Valley. It’s over due. Those with many followers will have the hardest time walking away and rebuilding.

@stephanlivera I am here to stay. This change is needed. It has a similar feel to the early days of Bitcoin.

@stephanlivera A very large follower account on Twitter Bitcoin needs to organize a suggestion for all bitcoiners to migrate here. Even if a few of the OG developers joined with a message to exit twitter to come to Mastodon... Who are the 3 largest twitter accounts here now?

@KyleJayBonnell I think for a little while I'm just gonna try and juggle doing multiple. They serve different purposes. Mastodon can be for talking to bitcoiners.

Twitter and other platforms are for outreach to non-hardcore bitcoiners

@stephanlivera Ok Gotcha...then who are the largest twitter accounts that are hardcore bitcoiners? I just joined today.
All they need to do is continually suggest to migrate here...voluntarily of course.

@stephanlivera Most just dont know where exactly to go if they were deciding to leave twitter...Mastodon is the best option.

@stephanlivera Definitely looking to stay this time around. I hope we see more people coming in.

@stephanlivera well, I'm here now so definitely 🤦🏻‍♂️


I've seen the most activity I've ever seen over here by like 10x in the last day. Hopefully it sticks.

@BitcoinLizard @stephanlivera

i think the answer to Stephan's question is *no* - but only if you mean "get all the conversation from all the important people on here". People who run businesses, lawyers, marketing, suits, you know those kind of people, don't make this kind of decision. I mean, who knows what the future brings, but for now probably just a more technical group interested in FOSS side of things, and that's a *maybe*.

@waxwing @stephanlivera

My experience so far has been:

Twitter: low signal, high noise, mostly number go up rah rah.

Mastodon: decent amount of signal, low noise, more technical discussion. If you ask a question here you are likely to get a good answer. It is possible that you will miss something important that you would hear about on twitter.

@stephanlivera first time here. So much more productive as far as conversation is concerned. Love it so far.

@stephanlivera I'm already getting more notifications here than I did on Twitter. This thing is popping off!

@jp Yeah let's see if we can sustain the momentum here. I'm gonna post regularly on twitter and see if I can drive more ppl here instead

@stephanlivera One way to do it will be to duplicate posts across both platforms during the transition. Twitter accounts should include our Mastodoon handles in our profile names.

@jp yeah I've got set up for that cross posting

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