If you don't hold Bitcoin, why? Why not take even a small position as a calculated risk?

Here's another one, you can clearly see the pattern these scambots follow.

Be wary out there!

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looks like the scambots are changing tactic again, my guess is these reply scambots are now copy-pasta'ing things bitcoiners say, then trying to lure newbies in to DM their chat-scam account.

beware and block these on sight.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Kenobi to the US Govt

I just left the ER.

We are officially back to getting crushed by fiat inflation.

Fiat inflation is running rampant and it’s MUCH more transmissible than under a classical gold standard.

99% of our ICU admits did NOT buy bitcoin.

Virtually ALL of them wish they had.

If you're new to , an incredible series to read and learn from is 'Gradually, then Suddenly' by my friend @parkeralewis of @unchainedcap

Read all the articles here unchained-capital.com/graduall

Bitcoin haters love to pretend in their minds that there's not an overarching bull market going on with Bitcoin.

They zoom in on recent drops, as though that tells the whole story.

If you're new to crypto, don't start your own shitcoin. That's cringe.

Just learn about Bitcoin. My podcast will help you there.


Do you believe in a society where we're all humans with inalienable rights? Or one with masters and slaves, where slaves are granted conditional freedoms only?

"Credit expansion brought about by the banking system ex nihilo encourages entrepreneurs to act as if social saving had increased substantially" - Huerta de Soto on Austrian Business Cycle Theory


"And in our time inflation has become persistent and aggravated because various legal provisions actually protect the monetary institutions that produce this inflation." - Guido Hülsmann


"Through a one-eyed focus on a single disease... we have made a small number of epidemiologists the arbiters of human flourishing, and they will not easily relinquish their newfound power and status."


Bitcoin twitter can be a bit repetitive, but I see it as necessary to help deal with the 'eternal September'

I don't believe I can time the Bitcoin market and call tops or bottoms. This is why I regularly accumulate sats regardless of whether the price is up or down.

It works out over the long term. swanbitcoin.com/livera

Governments tax you mostly for punitive and control reasons.

If it was really about revenue, they'd just print more fiat.

Money printing isn't always done directly by the central bank.

The central bank enables ex nihilo money creation by retail and commercial banks when they extend loans.

Legal tender laws are part of the problem because they force us to treat inferior money as equivalent.

In 2021, you're either:
1. an authoritarian
2. a libertarian
3. an NPC bystander

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