"Oh if only the govt had respected our rights, to save money, not be spied on".

Come now, don't be naive. Their incentive is to hide the costs of their profligacy and irresponsible decision making. Bureaucracy and bad incentives at play.

Most people have an idealised and trusting conception of their govt.

Take the orange pill and see that whoever can print money, will.

Fiat: money so awful its use must be mandated

“You can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him." ― Robert A Heinlein

...and even then, you won’t have his Bitcoin.

@stephanlivera really interesting to hear how maintainers like Jonas think about the core project and keep it moving forward. Also worth a listen in general for anyone who wants to know how a well run open source project works.

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@PrestonPysh here’s a Rolodex of memes that just ended Tether FUD. Anyone can use these, no watermarks.

Tell your friends that the goal is to decentralize. They should create accounts on other instances or run their own.

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What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipe This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

@stephanlivera @zoyman This is the point ppl often miss. It doesn't matter how secure your messenger is, if it is nearly impossible to get the ppl you interact with to use it. Signal being able to replace default SMS on your device with a single click gives it a huge advantage. I'm a fan of Threema, Keybase, Element, and others but the fact remains.

Ease of integration is paramount.

**Doxxing nyms, _whether they previously used their real name or not_ is not cool, nor is it an acceptable form of retribution for some slight, perceived or real**

Can't believe this needs to be said once again, but here we are. Take a lesson, kids.

Using the tools means using nyms too. Protect yourself. This sort of fighting has only just begun.

@Fkrauss @stephanlivera

The final thing that orangepills someone is NgU.

You can present the best set of arguments, but without NgU, there can be no orangepill.

It's great to see so many understand the importance of decentralisation, not only with their money, but their social media profiles, data and communications.

I recently joined @jeffdeist of @mises to talk about The Ethics of Money Production by Guido Hulsmann. I really enjoyed reading this book and talking about it with Jeff!

Interesting to see signal outages as they're experiencing huge uptick in demand. good problems to have, hey?

@stephanlivera government's capture of the intellectual class is necessary to provide legitimacy to their actions in a secular society. Modern day "cuz god says so"

Losers save in fiat.

Winners save in bitcoin.

Many monetary economists are employees of a central bank. Many others in universities get prestige or funding for their work on behalf of monetary authorities.

Is it really so surprising the fiat economists rarely speak positively of bitcoin?

'Economists' who push fiat inflation can screech all they want.

It won't stop us saving into Bitcoin that they can't inflate.

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