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SLP417 @titusgebel of @freecitiesfound Free Cities & Parallel Structures for Liberty

Titus and I chat:
- free cities projects
- growing a movement
- making it work for the longer term
- @LibertyIOL in Prague Oct 21-23

You laugh at us for "Bitcoin not having yield".

We laugh at you because you're susceptible to inflation, bail-ins, and have to ask permission before spending what you think is your own money.

Got my @theBLOCKCLOCK micro.

Just a few minutes before I'm chatting with @nvk for the podcast!

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Are you fiat minded? Or minded? With fiat currencies around the world dropping, now is the time to denominate in bitcoin terms!

See my latest for @bitcoinmagazine here and let me know if you agree!

GBP devs are dumping on GBP holders! change muh code!

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Fiat currency enabled the world to live a lie.

The prosperity was false, and we're all a lot poorer for it.

We need the discipline of bitcoin.

Not only is your cast iron pan better for cooking steaks, but it is also a superior defensive tool against the $5 wrench attack.

I look forward to seeing at upcoming bitcoin events

There is a bill to be paid for:
- needless lockdowns
- insufficient courage to speak against human rights abuses
- not adopting bitcoin

It's not a physical bill. But it's coming to us in the form of increased cost of living, reduced liberties, and chaos around the world.

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SLP416 @PerBylund - How to Think About Economics

Per rejoins me to chat:
- How this new book came about w/@mises inst.
- Why you should share it with friends who want to learn economics
- it is shorter than economics in one lesson

But what does the fiatbro times think of the cast iron vs stainless steel debate?

BT must know the answer.

We are surrounded by fiat propaganda masquerading as education and information.

We are not risk of trapping ourselves in an echo chamber so long as fiatbro times and other fiat media remain so prominent.

There's a lot of money in running a 'crypto' fund and being a professional strawmanner.

Just keep that in mind before giving your time and attention to these vampires.

As all these other fiat currencies crash vs USD, I can't help but wonder:

Is the USG acquiring a lot more bagholders?

Does this help subsidise USG debt issuance?

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