Australia needs to open up. All this talk from @ScottMorrisonMP and @GregHuntMP about vaccines not being enough to reopen is trash.

It must always be done by consent, not by pressuring them that they can't travel or live normal lives w/o vaccines.

Don't underestimate how many stupid or cowardly fiat people there are right now.

Focus your time on the people you can help.

If @jimcramer understood what he was holding, he would not have sold it so cheaply.

Want to know what people can buy in Inner Sydney? 'Renovator's delight' here for just under $900k AUD. 2 bedrooms, no parking. Average Australian salary is ~$90k.

Buying property is like a religion here.

Stack sats instead.

SLP268 @peterktodd Should Signal Have Used Instead?

We chat:
- MobileCoin centralisation
- Tradeoffs of using Bitcoin and Lightning instead
- The future for private messaging

Reminder: if you're a casual observer of this space, take what altcoin promoters say with a grain of salt. They're often looking to undermine Bitcoin to drive publicity and attention for their altcoin.

Bitcoin has no marketing budget, it just has volunteers.

When are we gonna get articles about how much energy the corporate media wastes?

Governments are extremely powerful because of how much of society's resources they can effectively command.

They can only achieve this if there's cheap credit available to them.

Kick out that supporting leg of cheap fiat credit, and they will be forced to be smaller.

Governments are criminal gangs of thieves given an air of legitimacy.

Bitcoin adoption will change the govt debt market and force govts to be smaller. They will be more like a service provider that you leave if they're offering a bad deal.

Most people on this earth don't give a shit about freedom if they think they'll be given 'safety'.

Network with Bitcoiners and you've got a high chance of finding the ones who care about freedom.

That said, it won't be as lonely for Bitcoin HODLers from this year on, as we might really hit that next 10x (or more) in numbers of people.

2014/15 bear cycle was brutal...

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HODLing long term isn't easy. There's big dips and bad news along the way.

It's much easier when you have friends to HODL with. Make bitcoin friends at meetups & conferences.

You think you're doing the smart thing by putting your cash in a 'high interest' savings account for 3% return.

You're still actually losing 15-20%/year purchasing power.

Some loser in the government will impose strict regulations on financial products 'to protect you', meanwhile the entire system is screwing you with inflation

Place all your trust in the fiat financial system and it will screw you.

Don't wait for permission to buy Bitcoin.

The legacy finance system doesn't benefit from teaching you what's in your own best interest. You have to do this for yourself.

Normies will literally get scammed by fake gurus instead of simply stacking sats.

If you're in Sydney, and you want to learn about Bitcoin or network with other Bitcoiners, join us @Bitcoin_Sydney

We host drinks meetups, talks & panels with guest speakers, and a socratic

co-hosts @JP_Technology @FriarHass @ChloeWhiteAus @LLFOURN

Lockdowners GFY.

The world is reopening, and if you're a bitcoiner, get involved with your local meetup. Go teach, learn, network.

Check out this old ep with @sthenc for tips and get amongst it!

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