Statist regulations and virtue signalling won out over free markets and common sense. And the people suffered for it.

Then the hysterical lockdowns made it even worse.

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A sobering read on what happened in Sri Lanka.

"a global ideological movement that is innumerate and unscientific by design, promoting fuzzy and poorly specified claims about the possibilities of alternative food production methods"

Reminder for anyone orange pilling Spanish speaking newcoiners, @SwanBitcoin has @skwp's Inventing Bitcoin in Spanish available FREE here, sign up

SLP381 @jdennehy_writes & @Glori1995 Diploma in El Salvador

John and Gloriana join me to chat:
- @MyfirstBitcoin_
- Teaching Bitcoin to Salvadoran high school students
- hurdles in teaching
- how you can support

"As state ruler, you can in principle confiscate whatever you want and provide yourself with an unearned income. But rather than confiscating various producer or consumer goods, you will naturally prefer to confiscate money." - Hoppe

Just recorded a great chat with @AlexEpstein

Look out for the episode soon

Bitcoin brokerages > Shitcoin Exchanges (but actually pump and dump casinos)

Governments want to export their printed currency around the world so they can live today at tomorrow's expense.

But this only works if there are enough willing bagholders.

It's time to drop government bonds and stack sats instead.

SLP380 @jeffdeist and I chat Economic Freedom around the world

- Exiting Australia
- Freedom indexes
- economic freedom & political freedom
- social issues

Bitcoin is not war, Bitcoin is passing messages to each other.

I'm totally OK with spending some sats, but I want to be accumulating on net.

It's just like a key idea from personal finance: live within your means.

Obviously, nobody believes that 9% statistic, so out of curiosity, what does it look like if we punch in a 20% number?

After just *three years* of this, you're basically down to half.

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The easier bitcoin self custody becomes, the less coins get left with custodians.

Consumer Price Inflation in the UK came out at 9%.

Put another way: if CPI continues at this pace, your fiat value is halved in ~8 years.

SLP379 @dergigi Dealing with Linguistic Attacks on

Gigi rejoins me to chat:
- 'unhosted wallets' and the absurdity of regulating/banning them
- bitcoin and warfare language
- proof of work & mining

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How can pig-headed @PeterSchiff keep on ignorantly commenting on Bitcoin with zero humility?

Bitcoin's price now: $30,600.

More than 1700x the price when he made this comment in June 2011.

Food and fuel shortages are coming.

The answer is not more price controls, CBDCs, managed trade deals.

The answer is get the government out of the way, and let free markets work.

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