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Pseudonymous user and educator joins me to talk:
- Education
- Privacy
- Working pseudonymously
- Liquid sidechain
- Citadels


Today I got another newcoiner set up on a @[email protected] and he bought his first bitcoins on @[email protected]

Looking forward to Greta Thunberg on CNN panel about rioting and looting

Idiot Finance will pooh-pooh 'because its for criminals'.

Then with a straight face, they'll turn around and be part of the fiat money system where the high volume money laundering occurs.

Idiot media will tell you that is not a stable store of value.

Then in the next breath, they will conveniently ignore that fiat money loses value every year.

Spend too much time listening to Idiot Finance and Idiot Media and you'll have no clue about , inflation, malinvestment, cultural consequences of fiat money or government over reach.

If government didn't want all this destruction and pain for innocent people, why didn't they just not break the law?

One benefit with mastodon, at least for now - you'll catch things on your mastodon feed that might have slipped you by on Twitter cos of algorithm differences

You might think death and taxes are certainties in this world. But inflation doesn't have to be part of the taxes.

NPC finance and media will tell you to fear deflation - what they're talking about is credit deflation.

Under sound money, we'd experience the benefits of growth deflation.

We should be experiencing beneficial price deflation over time. Govts have created a system where instead, banks and people who get cheap credit benefit at the expense of savers and the people whose income can't outpace the inflation.

Dumb protest: looting and destroying property of innocent people
Smart protest: using bitcoin to circumvent the criminal system of inflation and oppression

Police brutality and systemic injustice is sustainable because of fiat money. They siphon your wealth with inflation and taxes.

protest will be the most effective way to drive a real change.

Protests not looting
not fiat money
Choice not lockdowns
Science not scientism
Real food not fiat food
Constrained not unconstrained
Private property not democracy

So I've now set up a cross poster. Whenever I tweet, it'll also come out as a toot here on Mastodon.

Have set it to not cross post RTs, replies, or quote tweets as I think that'll be shit UX.

Will attempt to have discussion with commenters on both sites / sides of the thread and see how this goes!

"Because of these deflationary expectations, then, the demand for money will rise, since people will hold on to more of their money at any given price level, as they are expecting prices to fall shortly." - Murray Rothbard

@wizardofaus This service allows you to connect a Mastodon account and a Twitter account and enable cross-posting between them. You can choose some options, such as if you want to post boosts, unlisted toots or replies.


@stephanlivera Man this one was interesting. I need to listen to it like 5 more times and maybe I will absorb the information.

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