Every day, wake up and choose to continue HODLing Bitcoin.

It is a choice we make.

SLP316 @vakeraj & @WolfvonLaer of @sfliberty - Why Libertarians Should Focus on

- Why many libertarians are focusing on the wrong thing
- Common confusion about Bitcoin
- Why prioritise the strategy for liberty


"From a humanitarian perspective alone, Bitcoin provides significant value to those in the developing world. It does so by alleviating problems associated with high inflation, weak property rights, and limited banking services." [email protected] for @aier


Make bear markets legal again!

Stop central banks and money printing.

The world makes a lot more sense when you realise that fiat journalists act as a different kind of shitcoin apologist.

They just use different words to obfuscate.

Quiet everyone! We mustn't mention the H word or we shall all be crushed by rising prices.

Fiat journalists really think this.

SLP315 @_k3tan Networking For Bitcoiners

K3tan and I chat:
- basic security tips for your home network
- using your bitcoin node
- Tor & VPNs
- @ministryofnodes guides
- why he doesn't like Raspberry Pi nodes
- nodeboxes
- self sovereignty


"public health" is how they use the foot in the door technique to engage in mass tyranny against the rights of the people.

This is what the medicrats and authoritarian politicians rely on to abuse people.

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Reject "public health" on principle.

It's private health and private property.

Reminder: is savings, not investment.

Set up your Bitcoin Savings Plan


So if the unrealised gains are only being taxed on liquid assets, does that bias the market and investors towards less-liquid assets?

It's very puzzling to me that people can see govt tyranny coming right at them like a freight train, and they just sit there in its path, dumbstruck.

Do something about it!

For anyone unaware of the term 'legal plunder', I highly recommend reading Bastiat's The Law mises.org/library/law

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Don't be a financial sheep. Understand how the fiat system is screwing you and act to defend yourself.

Play good offence (earn more), good defence (monitor expenses), and stack sats.

Maintain a high Bitcoin savings rate.

Tax on unrealized gains is legal plunder.

They created this mess and now they're looking to pass the cost to the people.

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