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NOW - : World’s first statue of unveiled in Hungary.

Hit lockdown lovers in their bottom line: take your tax revenue somewhere else that respects your freedom

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Receive SMS activation codes and pay with Lightning

@openoms Or could/would I just git clone your cblitz branch inside the /home/admin folder on the device?

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@openoms I seem to recall there was a cli/script to add your "extension" scripts (such as c-lightning install) to the RaspiBlitz. Would you mind sharing?

or would I have to get them one by one, e.g.
wget github.com/openoms/raspiblitz/

@odell You need to get Mine.Farm.Buy on Dispatch.

We need to shill the "mining reward from coinbase tx" concept.

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Live from : @rootzoll announcing the integration of C-Lightning, coming up in the next release (v.1.7.1)

And while we're at it: Watch out for the WebGUI!

More choice, more users, more developers! ⚡

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Welcome aboard, Sidecar channels are here! 🚆

Sidecar channels make it easy to onboard new users to Lightning without requiring funds, and to create dual-funded channels!

We're one step closer to bringing to a billion people. 🌍

Learn more:

Elon, Greenpeace, the Pope..all of a sudden the energy FUD is propagated across the world.

This is what a coordinated attack on Bitcoin looks like.

@martybent @mattodell

Technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels needs to be replaced without delay. There is reason to hope that humanity at the dawn of the 21st century will be remembered for having generously shouldered its grave responsibilities.

Please to announce the launch of multisig.guide to help you set up a sovereign 2-of-3 multisig wallet using


Also included a recovery guide using @SparrowWallet + optional mobile watch only with @bluewalletio

Does anyone have experience with mining at laurentiapool.org ? If I interprete their website correctly, they seem to be open for miners now (91 users available).. @econoalchemist perhaps?

There are now two different Taproot activation paths embedded in Bitcoin software clients. Here’s what this could mean for the Bitcoin protocol.

Written by @AaronvanW:


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Version 1.7 is approaching quickly. We'll discuss the current release candidate and future features at 9 pm CET tonight during the by @fulmolightning with @rootzoll and @openoms.

Join us! 🧙‍♂️⚡


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It's happening! 159 Bitcoiners from all ages came together to recite the whitepaper and pay their respect to Satoshi Nakamoto. Go to dimzayan.com/voicepaper.html for the full experience.

Thanks to everyone, you are an amazing community of trailblazers.

We Are All Satoshi.

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