Noob question: I run a full node in my home. I've heard that it's good to do that so you can independently validate your own transactions. But how does that work—do I need to also install a block explorer on it so I can look up my txs?

Got my BCP cert this week so I hung this doodad on my site today. Maybe I can help some of my tech clients.

Call it what you want, or don’t even give it a name, but every day for a little while it’s good to:

- be still
- shut up
- do nothing

Question about running my own node (I'm new to this).

Common advice is to run your own node so you can validate transactions for yourself. Does this mean querying *my* node for my transactions (if so, how)? Or just comparing block height on my node against public block explorers and making sure they match?

I have a full node (v0.16.2) running on a Mac mini. Is it possible to spin up a Lightning node on that machine as well?

I feel like Caitlin Long is providing invaluable education to the community with her analysis of Wall St’s entry and their practices (rehypothecation and commingling). Good stuff.

Twitter has lost favor lately but let’s give credit where it is due. It has served brilliantly to bring people together, to educate and inform, help communities build, and circulate important ideas like no other platform could.

I see posts/toots about the BTC price lately but, being a committed hodler, I don't give a shit.

Taking the long view—the “low time preference” per @saifedean—eases short term concerns because there is a desirable goal on the horizon.

Keep working. Hodl. Be happy right now.

Given the recent take-downs of “objectionable” online content, I’m wondering: how susceptible is Mastodon to something like that? I guess it depends on who’s running the hosting infrastructure?

The federated timeline feels really messy now

Another noob question:

My node finished initial sync last night (took ~3 days to sync).

Now I need to open up port 8333 for incoming connections so that it can participate in validations, yes?

Other suggestions/advice on how to be a good node citizen?

Thought experiment: set up a Mastodon instance for no-coiners and have it redirect to

Anybody liking Whalebird’s Slack-y macOS app?

My inner child is in junior high and he cracks up whenever I hit the TOOT! button

I bought a Trezor the other day and just now saw that Wells Fargo hit me with a $5.95 "International Purchase Transaction Fee"

One day we might talk about The Great Untweeting of 2018

I guess I need to keep monitoring Twitter to see who's coming over here so I can re-follow all the brainy crypto cats. Is there an easier way?

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