The workshop on public key cryptography and Bitcoin that I did with pal and colleague Ron Stoner last week for Casa is now up. Check it out!

@nic try recycling the snail post here so you can increase your lead over Neeraj

Remember the 4 other times we all said we’d move to Mastodon?

At PR review club I learned about BIP-50 where a change from BerkeleyDB to LevelDB unintentionally caused a chain split because LevelDB could handle blocks w more to inputs.

Incidents like these explain why core development is so conservative but as a developer, I do find it comforting that even the best projects make mistakes. A rite of passage for every young engineer is to accidentally break prod (for me this was at an AdTech company so maybe it was actually a good thing?)

My partner and got into a bidding war on a house and lost to an offer that agreed to waive inspection. Buying a home right now feels like a competition to see who has the least amount of self respect and can put themselves in the least favorable situation.

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Oh I remember the point I was trying to make here - the majority of things that make me happy, the things I do in my free time, do not involve the Internet.

Maybe I should just dump these notes into a journal 😜

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Framing social media as waiting to die is extremely depressing but it might be the wake up call I need. It always feels stupid to post critiques of social media on social media but at least I came to Mastodon to do it instead of Twitter?

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I spend more time on social media when I’m supposed to be doing something else or I have small amounts of time to spare - like waiting for a build to finish. I’m rarely happier or better off for it.

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I read this great piece on why people on the Internet make everything about getting on their soapbox and how conflict is the end goal instead of the means to an end.

Except it got really dark at the end suggesting humanity has lost a collective sense of purpose and identity. Basically we argue about stupid shit on the Internet because we’re just waiting to die.

This “IoT on Htmlcoin Blockchain” article is proof that the bull run is coming

Newsletters are the new podcasts. If you’re thinking about starting one, don’t.

Dear Mastodon, I only come to you when Twitter is in trouble, like right now when everyone from Coinbase to Elon Musk is getting hacked. I neglect you so badly but you are always here for me.

I can measure US economic recovery by the amount of junk mail I get. Today I got 4 pieces!

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manually finding my people on mastodon is making me feel like a diligent little p2p node building my peer list

I also hope I'm not sub tooting this years from now saying wow I was such an asshole about this

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It's the clunky things about Mastodon that make it endearing.

I have to enter my username if I want to follow certain people, I can't change my handle, I don't get notifications, and the UX is off by just enough to make things confusing. Reminds me of when the internet was fun. I hope these rough edges keep plebs out 😬

I'm working on a list of deals on cryptocurrency related products this weekend. Some good discounts on hardware wallets, goTenna meshes, metal seed storage devices, and fun gear like stickers and t shirts. Toot me if you see something I should add!

Of course I already know about the massive Black Friday sale on Bitcoin

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