I'm working on a list of deals on cryptocurrency related products this weekend. Some good discounts on hardware wallets, goTenna meshes, metal seed storage devices, and fun gear like stickers and t shirts. Toot me if you see something I should add! technicaldifficulties.io/2018/

Of course I already know about the massive Black Friday sale on Bitcoin

Keeping my eyes open for holiday deals on the things that make using crypto fun (hardware wallets, art, gear for running nodes, etc.). Please tag me if you see any! I'd love to compile a list.

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A while back I made a popular meme.

So then I went and made the meme real.

As painful as it is, engaging in discourse with BCashers is a good way to solidify your Bitcoin knowledge. It’s also fucking exhausting.

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We are all CEO of the Lightning Network, except for Craig Wright. 🤣


They’re finally here!!! Thank you tiny little raspberry pi node 🙏🏼

manually finding my people on mastodon is making me feel like a diligent little p2p node building my peer list

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Moving to mastodon feels kinda like when I created an account on Ello for a day

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