Phenomenal post by el gato malo: springtime for rationality

We live amongst easily scared masses, and the cost-benefit for figuring out the truth and speaking it vs the lockdowners was really bad for most people.

Read and share this widely.

I don't care that this has already been shared. I'm sharing it again. This is a DYNAMITE article that you should read:

After leaving Twitter for some time, I started wondering where all the fear and anger went.

99.97% recovery rate, but...

"let's destitute everyone" - @fordnation

Aged ying-yang.

As bitcoin just wins, The slow pivot from bitcoin posting to meat posting intensifies.

The Bitcoin Community and @EricRWeinstein, TX spam, governance theory, custody risks, L-BTC for loans, Visa GCs using LN, Sovereignism II, fee-based security, Bitcoin astronomy, cash-and-carry trade, ETH miner revolt & more!

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