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At no time did the real Satoshi Nakamoto share any early Bitcoin source code with me, contrary to Craig Wright's lie on the stand in Norway:


RT @BarristerSecret: In anticipation of more lies by the @MoJGovUK, here are the facts behind why criminal barristers have been forced to take this unprecedented action.


🐦🔗: nitter.eu/JackieJonesWal1/stat

Folks, my apology.

Gen Flynn forwarded the quoted, Author unknown part...

The rest was all Busted Knuckles, NOT Gen Flynn...

This is entirely on me, because I ain't the sharpest sandwich in the toolbox.

Correct sauce:

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The Vax is the real weapon and it is currently in the process of killing MILLIONS of people who allowed it to be injected into their bodies.

Even after the warning signs and evidence that it was killing, crippling and maiming people had begun to abundantly be reported.

So there is some truth to the anonymous message up above. We who rejected their Jab at extreme personal cost while being placed under extreme psychological stress by a well thought out and ruthlessly executed propaganda


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It all boils down to a matter of numbers and we have them outnumbered several billion times over.

In the mean time,

I have said repeatedly that the Communist’s favorite weapon is food.

As expected they are using that weapon.

The Communist’s are unwitting Useful Idiots in this war themselves though.

They don’t seem to have realized this, yet.


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@adam @Johncdvorak I'll probably get the final axe on Twitter b/c I posted abt the film "Ms Evers' Boys" - the covid vaxx experiment taking place right now. The unis/colleges still requiring this is beyond the fucking a pale!
The silent docs/nurses have a special place in Hell

And you get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and you get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease . . . everybody gets Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease!!!!

We also have a massively abundant supply of hydro power in Canada. We could be mining to counter inflation, but we are not.
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Breakfast with Justin.


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“Anyone claiming to be Satoshi has broken the first rule of being Satoshi.

Extremely excited to announce the release of The Platonic Philosophy Series today on The @WhatisMoneyShow! The eminent philosopher @vervaeke_john joins me for a 10-hour conversation on the masterful book "Plato's Critique of Impure Reason."

Quick thread outlining each episode⬇️

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Can you imagine a world where 's no longer exist but actual Physical Artwork is verifiable with an embedded Chip (size of a half dollar) into a carving or painting etc?

This has become a Reality, a Chip called @SATSCHIP w/ @Coinkite will be the #1 Game Changer!

6.15 no longer is king meme.

Say hello to 9.1 BTC!

"we are going to solve inflation by making it worse" -- Ottawa

Databases work. Obviously. Dumb Bitcoiners!

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