What happened to Jack Mallers account on Twitter..?

Would you rather not take the vaccine, or take the vaccine and be allowed to leave your socialist country behind..?

Got a feeling bitcoin will rip through 50K next week... :bitcoin:

bitcoin is imposing rationalism on the world... Few. :bitcoin:

We've spent a month in this 30K range... I like...

Understanding right now is like having the cheat codes for life... Few.

Great podcast with @PerBylund and @saifedean on 'entrepreneurship in the Austrian tradition'

Honored to be the first guest on @dearezkitha's new podcast called "My Story."

This is the first time I've talked exclusively about my personal journey into Bitcoin... thanks for having me on the show Dea!
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Excited to launch my Bitcoin podcast series called "My Bitcoin Story"

First guest @breedlove22 - he shared his journey going down to the Bitcoin rabbit hole through metathinking

Youtube: https://youtu.…

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JUST IN: @Blockstream Mining, one of the largest bitcoin mining groups in North America, announced a $25 million purchase of MicroBT Whatsminer (@Whatsminer_MBT) M30S rigs.

@PeterChawaga covers the story:


Michael Saylor "People can go f**k themselves, they can't take your

Survey of covid-related beliefs in the US: covid19pulse.usc.edu/

Shows media fear mongering at work: the average % perceived chance of dying from covid in the <39 age range is 11%

That's literally multiple orders of magnitude too high. Likely true in Canada here too, as I've found plenty of people here who thought they had similar chances of dying from it.

The most disturbing is that local teachers seem to be telling kids they're at high risk of dying. Frankly that lie is child abuse.

The more I think about it, the more I'm drawn to moving to Portugal... Any bitcoin plebs have any comments/ thoughts on Portugal..?

Thought I was gonna move to the states after this bull run. But now, nope!

Criminals that operate privately are referred to as 'criminals'. Criminals that operate publicly are referred to as 'politicians and civil servants'.

There's no business like funny business...

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