Thailand is panicking

1. You cannot advertise or promote Bitcoin.
2. You cannot take Bitcoin as payment.
3. You cannot open a wallet to accept payments (kind of redundant from 2... but...)
4. You cannot use Bitcoin for Thai baht transfers.
5. You cannot provide digital asset transfer services.
6. You cannot do anything else above and over the above that supports Bitcoin.

I need to buy my Volcano Bond and emigate to El Salvador :P

@Full_node Forgot to mention that it was the securities exchange commission that made that announcement :)

Their track record hasn't been that good.

A few years ago they demanded witholding tax on profits from bitcoin sales. Still hasn't been done (because it is wholly impractical to do so)...


@smartbrain Oh total panic then. They have no idea how to even begin the fight stage.

@smartbrain Looks like Thailand will be the next country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender 😁

@bramanga @Full_node also in context... Nearly every other billboard on Bangkok these days is for one of the bitcoin exchanges. The economy has really tanked even before COVID and this is the result.

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