I guess that settles it...

Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages From ‘Signal’ App | ZeroHedge

@smartbrain honestly, are there humans out there left that believe in 2021 that there are ways to chat with phone devices, that could not be accessed by the providers and legaly anyone else with a court order?
Not to mention the many sidechannel const leaks that are illegal and can not be used legally, but are most valuable for big data miners?
Those devices where released to the public for just one purpose, as spy tools and noting else they are even the first telephones had such obvious hocks.

@smartbrain my advice, short after grasp what fast digital devices can and will do. and that is long long ago, was always: "don't say, write and do what u cant say loud or do in the public to or with anyone."

@smartbrain fun part, even all the stationery phones beginning with the early 19xx had such features.

It was always possible to *hear* remote anything in the rooms a telephone was just placed, or where the cables where pined at the walls.

The new order is that all is digital now and u need almost zero manpower and can realtime store and analyze any voice, text or movement of *all* at once on this planet, whether they will use a phone or not ( ok, how that worked is still a secret, i guess )

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