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@LeeDRHolland is the incredible talent behind this artwork. It looks sick! I hope you enjoy wearing it. twitter.com/phathodl/status/15

Some people build apps in the bear market.
Some people build communities in the bear market.

We building

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@ampersandarrow @SusieBdds got you a lil something...

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Just had someone come install my new modem. Tried to orange pill them but they were already orange pilled!!!!

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@HodlAlabamGhost @AriZonanHODL FEW.

with stack 600$ @truthfulthird has pushed over the 8BTC threshold.

legendary stack
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THE : Number of Blocks Mined Per Day & Value Invested Per Day

Bear markets birth whole coiners and conviction

the man
the myth
the legend
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@AnthonyDessauer @satskeeper @BtcChewy @sathoarder @truthfulthird @RVA_HODL @AlmostHeavenWV_ @future_hodl @Semisol_Public @strictlyBTC @HodlAlabamGhost @psychautist @YoshishiSatoshi @phathodl @dave_gringo @brendonculhane @StakchainBuddha @BitcoinOdyssey @HodlMaryland @UsuallyMark @Bitcoinbo @seeknonce @cabincryptoguy @D_plus__plus @Meditation_Man @Capital15C @sndbtc @Jose_S_Bam @BTCAaron @MicahMcHOD…

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-Money invested in the surpasses $150,000 with 548 incremental purchases.

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@phathodl @agoristview @MF_HODL @giacomozucco @zndtoshi We will offer both on chain and lightning escrow services!

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