thoughts on what fiat does to the capital stock, and how this loops back around and makes money even worse.

kind of like infusing @parkeralewis' Enders Game with some Wendell Berry and populist rancor.

(very long, I warn you - but in the same methodical vein as Wittgenstein's Money, for those that read that one back in the day)

ARK put out a good primer for normie investors on how the bitcoin network works and how to measure it.

Makes a good argument for "auditability, openness, and transparency" being a virtue - this is why not having gone too early into on-chain privacy shielding will be a reason bitcoin survives the coming regulatory crackdown.

and yes the power source would be a certain fusion reactor 93 million miles away

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Anyone versed in electronics and hardware/pcb design?

I want to build a board similar to NanoFury but with more chips and running at about 25W, not 3

ECB on Bitcoin-
"There has to be regulations and this hast to be applied and agreed upon at a global level because if there is an escape, that escape will be used," Lagarde said, adding that global cooperation is needed.

the "Local" tab has gotten pretty good in the last couple days. You all are doing a great job. Thanks for coming out 👍

I want to like Strike and all, but am I the only one who went to look at the Plaid TOS/Privacy Policy and went ... WTF??

Plaid keeps your bank account login and downloads every detail they can get on you

You are trusting them to keep that safe for the rest of time

I'm a hard pass on that.

it's been done here for a python-based forum checking it out now

(even the authentication uses Lightening, I doubt this is possible in Mastodon)

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Would anybody appreciate a Mastodon plugin that allows you to send tips to toots via LN⚡ ?

Like for yes

The Origin of Money and its Value

"... People today expect money to have a certain purchasing power tomorrow, because of their memory of its purchasing power yesterday. We then push the problem back one step. People yesterday anticipated today's purchasing power, because they remembered that money could be exchanged for other goods and services two days ago. And so on."

And if they ever began to doubt it?

214% if you use the correct denominator. Math is hard

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