"[Satoshi Nakamoto] is the god of our time, and [Hal Finney] is his prophet." - Heinrich Heine

@skankhunt42 but who was then the Composer to have let sung such drama?
In every good story there is *Trinity* even in Matrix? 🤷‍♀️

btw, I think it was Hal who was the mastermind and satoshi the god gifted programmer.

@dflate that's a tough one. Laszlo Hanyecz/Ross Ulbricht???

@skankhunt42 no one knows afaik who nakamoto2 was, could be also Hal's second id but like i said, Isuspect on absolute weak grounds and just a gut feeling a girl like Trinity could have been involved considering how horny lads can be.

@dflate Like Nikola Tesla, Satoshi Nakamoto probably had to forego Trinity to focus on his creation.

@skankhunt42 or the other way around, after his inner will and adoration to an other matching creature let him made his unconsciousness earthling like CS beginner mistakes to spend time with human things.
I doubt he/she/it would now if been full alive and with us or active make.mistakes like 1 return again.
Maybe in him is also an incarnation of Nikola Tesla and he tried to not do and make the same mistake again?
We can only speculate, but if it is true that he had to skip love for bitcoin wow.

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