didn't realize that 6102 was gradual many thanks from clubhouse

@eiaine very interested in this new NFT - please post lightning address or invoice

I guess it is really how you look at it. 5% of CFOs on board I feel like is incredible.

Ex a hacker would potentially need:
1. your unchained email & password
2. 2fa device unlocked
3. your hardware wallet(s) unlocked
4. your email address and password to open the message and click the link to finally broadcast the transaction

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Unchained Capital is seriously cool. Opened up a vault and threw some coin in there. I have only held my own keys but for significant amounts, I could really see this being hugely valuable

Sent a coinjoined utxo from wasabi to another wallet (both mine). Will need to investigate but really appreciate this from blockstream, however still waiting for native segwit on green wallet..

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