MetaArray IV "Side B" has arrived .. ssh to help build it.

Subgeniusdom extends to the animal kingdom. That's right, "Bob" cares about the fluffy bunnies and butterflies in a way that no other God can. in fact, some of the most famous Subgenii aren't human at all.

Who are they? You'll just have to find out! :jrbd:

💻 tonight i wrote a brief threaded guide to getting started on mastodon in spanish for newcomers

due to the lack of beginner resources in languages other than english, i'd be super grateful if you guys spread the word! :_gayheart2:

#mastotips #mastometa

#AboutMe 🌹

First posted on 2nd April, 2019

"Please, BOOST my toot!
In need of help. Unexpected, didn't see it coming! Needing extra money."

It helped a bit, but still struggling... as there is so much "silence" around me, both on my cam sites, and here on Sw, too! I've really started to doubt myself!

Encourage me by spending some time with me or making me happy using the link in my profile. Put a smile in my heart and give me reasons to post new "Thank you" notes! Haven't done it lately!

Please excuse the blog reposts if not your thing, testing rss feed and messaging from Bitlbee.

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