Still convinced everyone is going back to Twitter in a week or two.

More people coughing up phone numbers to join Clubhouse than I see pouring in here from my understanding.

@shinobimonkey its okay, at least people know this place exists and if anything bad happens they can regroup here to re-organize, it is part of the revolutionary spirit of bitcoin

@karozagorus @shinobimonkey my family is finally deleting their social media and switching their email to proton after telling them for years to disconnect.
progress is definitely happening

@karozagorus @shinobimonkey It has the added benefit of probably keeping the new wave of normies out that'll join the space due to the bull run 🤷‍♂️

Many of the most interesting people are already here and I think staying. The per-post privacy settings also make more private shitposting possible ^^ Mastodon feels better right now (I never had problems with Twitter censorship, but this feels more cozy).

@sebx2a @karozagorus @shinobimonkey I have been censored by the Twit thought police several times and it fucking sucks. No faster way to radicalize someone.

@shinobimonkey not me. im staying. i have the feeds and people i like to follow set up.

I'm not sure if I will, but the more I look at Twitter compared to here the more I dislike Twitter. Plus ppl should have a backbone and not support the Dirty Bird

@shinobimonkey How could we make it worth staying here for people?


Eh, I won't delete my twitter account but I don't think I'll use it much anymore. I've gotten whatever value that I'll ever get out of birdsite. It's a shithole.

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