Just got in a discussion on slack and realised that it'd really be worth itemising specifically that set of fungibility techniques in Bitcoin that could at least theoretically have as anonymity set the whole blockchain. This is what I came up with, any thoughts?

2. LN **
2. scriptless script swaps **
3. Coinjoin Unlimited (coinjoinxt + dual fund)
4. Pay-to-endpoint style coinjoin
5. Regular 'Coinswap' without scriptless script **

** all need either (1) or Schnorr for goal.

Cold Card. Why risk it with an ETF when you can have it all in your hand? Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation. Back up of the wallet is accomplished through removable hi reliability, military grade SD cards available on the site.They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly paranoid.youtube.com/watch?v=weJzeonwWv

Who wants to propose TIP 148 for testnet?

(half the time they refuse to mine segwit. and yesterday were charging big fees to get in a block)

Network effect is a pain in the ass to beat, this platform still has some issues to work around, but given the overall climate on social media let's try and make this work.

Let's bring the cypherpunk attitude of less talk, more building to Mastodon.

Interesting side effect of the ; We are exposing a ton of other people to that may not have been otherwise.

Learn more here btcinformation.org


Anyone who watches/follows Block Digest, I've set up a Mastadon account in case this exodus goes full blown. Follow @blockdigest

Just FYI everyone, don't assume DMs on here are private. From what I can piece together they can very easily be displayed totally publicly if circulating to other instances.

@hanakookie Hmmm...weird glitch. All my likes and boosts disappeared when you replied.

In honor of our favorite lunatic, who ironically isn't banned on the platform we're all fleeing from.

Time to bring the memes to Mastodon.

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