I hate the term “crypto.” I think this move to Mastodon proves that bitcoin maximalists are ready to jettison this hopelessly-vague term.

Bitcoin alone is the only viable cryptocurrency; everything else is either a scam or inconsequential. Draw a line in the sand and start using bitcoin-centric terminology. It’s already confusing enough for the uninitiated to understand this stuff anyways, so make a point to say “bitcoin” instead of “crypto.”

@shainekennedy Oxford still defines crypto as short for cryptography unlike Wikipedia. :)

@shainekennedy some would argue that #ethereum is way more interesting because it is Turing complete with the ability to make smart contracts. other are fungible by design, enabling more #privacy.

#cryptocurrencies are a vast field of things, with strengths and weaknesses.

over simplify things is not vulgarisation, and crypto alone could cover cryptography and is already misused.
maybe it is the duty of people who know to make more people understand these things.

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