I hate the term “crypto.” I think this move to Mastodon proves that bitcoin maximalists are ready to jettison this hopelessly-vague term.

Bitcoin alone is the only viable cryptocurrency; everything else is either a scam or inconsequential. Draw a line in the sand and start using bitcoin-centric terminology. It’s already confusing enough for the uninitiated to understand this stuff anyways, so make a point to say “bitcoin” instead of “crypto.”

If you just started following me, know that my goal is to shamelessly spread pro-bitcoin propaganda to whomever and in whatever capacity possible.

If that offends you, please unfollow me right now. Thanks!

You think bitcoin is cool because you can exchange it for fiat? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Bitcoin is cool because it will eventually pressure the world’s governments to adapt decentralized, distributed-consensus governance models.

Using Tootdon on iOS. Notifications are pretty crappy. Doesn’t even alert you in the app when someone commented on your post. Anyone else having this problem?

tfw you remember that your friends kept telling you to buy bitcoin but you wouldn’t listen

Well, Giacomo is back on Twitter and we’ll probably never be censored there because we’re a bunch of fringe, economic nerds that nobody really cares about.

So no default view to show number of comments on a post?

Faketoshi just unfollowed Falkvinge in Twitter. Lol.

BCash implosion continues.

Top o’ the morning y’all. I see we finally got Pierre and Giacomo onboard. Who else is missing?

Please, no one make us move to a third Mastodon thingy I beg of you.

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance