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"We continue to bet on economic freedom." – El Salvador's US ambassador on

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I considered him a friend, but I just can't respect the noise he chooses to send out. Constantly muddying the water, sowing confusion and shitcoin apologism. Spending his energy and reach to paint bitcoin maximalism/toxicity as a huge problem.


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This thread is an unbelievable work by Marty. I haven’t seen it before. It tracks Ethereum failed promises over 4 years ongoing. twitter.com/martybent/status/8

🎧 @Nigel_Farage: The Podcast

Available to listen to now wherever you get your podcasts from ⬇️


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NEW - Russia: St. Petersburg measured the lowest daily temperature on record today. Thermometers dropped to -20.9°C, breaking the historic record set in 1893.

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Conservation of energy and laws of thermodynamics insight into clearly articulated in this bit from @TuckerCarlson interview with @saylor MUST WATCH 👍👍 twitter.com/DWhitmanBTC/status

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This one page document from the US government in 1918 on 'Spanish Flu' is more measured, more scientific, and more holistic than everything we have been fed for the past 2 years... Incredible.

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Proud to have been one of the first contributors of 1 BTC to this fund. Can't wait to see it grow and help people around the world get clean water with @charitywater


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Max is shocked to find @PeterSchiff providing services at a gas station ‘glory hole’

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Just learned that Mastering the Lightning Network is currently the #1 New Release in Business Entrepreneurship books on Amazon! It's exciting that so many people want to learn about . See for yourself: aantonop.io/masteringlightning
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Ivermectin is very effective against parasites, so effective it won a Nobel prize in 2015.

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moves at the speed of light on ⚡️, with help from @spiralbtc & @Jack.

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British PM Boris Johnson:

The Covid vaccine “doesn’t protect you from catching the disease and doesn’t protect you against passing it on”


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Isn't Lebron already there?

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We made a very short documentary about the Lightning Development Kit, our big project these last couple of years. We wanted a puppet to perform @Jack’s parts but settled for actual @Jack: youtube.com/watch?v=oOT78Bgy1Q

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