@pete @orionwl @ajtowns @rohan How dare you presenting lizards as food?! I thought you were one of us! 😳

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@orionwl @pete @rohan @sebx2a great right up until you get security holes because the implemented was color blind

@Seccour I think you need some more incoming LN liquidity 🀣🀣🀣

@pete You know how bad the rules are if you expect people to pose as homeless to get around them πŸ˜‘ should make them think …

TIL: There are penis emojis 😲 Another item of trivia I'll probably never forget, thx @pete πŸ˜…


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Self-custody is such a strange and scary feeling: nobody can help you, you are on your own, your actions matter. Almost like being a well adjusted self-reliant grown-up. Rare thing these days, it seems

@fortculture Preserving virtues and culture is fine, but please spare us the beards this time around πŸ˜† guys look so much more handsome without (notable examples exist though) 😁

@verretor On Twitter I used to block everyone who promoted their tweets, so be careful fellow tooters :P

That weird moment when you realize it's easier to present in English than your native language πŸ˜…

I mean, the paper and slides are in English anyway, so I guess I'll go with that even though my examiner speaks German (but gave me the choice).

@Seccour Lol, that sounds like a LN developer proposing to another one πŸ˜†

@Seccour I mean, I don't want to mute you, yet reading the same beg every day gets old after e while 🀣 (I'm also thinking about closing channels rather than opening new ones since I get anxiety every time I look at my ln node πŸ™ˆ).

@esixtyone @pete Interesting choice to have the spindle move in two (or three?) dimensions instead of moving the table. From what I hear that might not be optimal for rigidity but probably good enough for home use cases? I've mostly seen such designs in CNC routers so far that don't experience high cutting forces. Did you ever test rigidity with larger end mills or deeper cuts?

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