Does anyone know how lists work exactly? I just created one and it shows only some toots by people on it. It's also not "everything since the person was added", because I know there were more recent posts. Really confusing, I must be holding it wrong 😩

@sebx2a It might be specific to this instance. I know you can't search specific toots because that ability is disabled here (presumably because $$$).

@grubles Hey @nvk, is this actually the case? Would throwing some sats at you help with that (e.g. more beefy server) or is there a general mastodon problem that keeps you from activating that?

@grubles Ah, it seems to be delayed (by like 10 minutes at least) 😩

My best guess: there is some batch-processing going on to generate custom user views and it's horribly overloaded so it only runs every n minutes for every custom view.

@sebx2a @nvk Setup a donation address or or something. :bitcoin:

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