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@orionwl @pete @rohan @sebx2a great right up until you get security holes because the implemented was color blind

TIL: There are penis emojis 😲 Another item of trivia I'll probably never forget, thx @pete πŸ˜…

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Self-custody is such a strange and scary feeling: nobody can help you, you are on your own, your actions matter. Almost like being a well adjusted self-reliant grown-up. Rare thing these days, it seems

That weird moment when you realize it's easier to present in English than your native language πŸ˜…

I mean, the paper and slides are in English anyway, so I guess I'll go with that even though my examiner speaks German (but gave me the choice).

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OF COURSE you have to install rust nightly nightly 2019-07-25 by running rustup install nightly-nightly-2019-07-26 🀣 then master actually compiles.

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Does anyone of you know how to compile rustql? I'm currently trying to find _any_ working commit-rust toolchain combination 😩

This seems like a super useful tool to e.g. enforce implementation of certain standard traits via CI, but I don't want to update it just to notice it's not what I was looking for.

Reading a crypto paper but having to google every second Greek character makes me feel so dumb πŸ˜… I just want to implement it, not to become fluent in Greek! 🀣

Even worse, now I'm beginning to call my variables "zeta" etc., but I guess that's why the authors gave them such non-descriptive names in the first place, naming is hard and there just weren't better ones.

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Mastodon is cool, but it has many flaws. Here is an alternative idea that you may be interested in (quite an obvious idea that many people have had, but no one was working on it):

Some PRs are a real team effort πŸ”₯ but I really hope that this is the last iteration and that commit doesn't get another author πŸ˜…

Does anyone know how lists work exactly? I just created one and it shows only some toots by people on it. It's also not "everything since the person was added", because I know there were more recent posts. Really confusing, I must be holding it wrong 😩

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