Pierre and Preston on this Toxic Happy Hour don't sleep 😴


Is aligning with the Austrian school a prerequisite to being a Bitcoiner?
Seems like the biggest barrier to entry which is why Saif's book is an instant classic.

There is no ceiling. Just floor after floor after floor.

Sometimes I just want to shake people and say:

HEY! While you've been distracted by orange Hitler and Kung Flu, your life savings is evaporating, your livelihood is in serious jeopardy, and everything you want to better your life is increasing about 15-20% a year with no end in sight while your salary increases ~5% if you're lucky.


Bitcoinhackers.org is arguably the first bitcoin citadel

Is there a way to view toots besides time order? I like seeing the popular posts too

@Cane_X We can also shill Mastodon as a clean environment for those who want to learn without all the bullshit.

Those of you who want a 'tweetdeck' like experience on here, go into preferences and select advanced. Then you can add columns and do lists just like tweetdeck!

Hacking bitcoinhackers.org

Lets see how much this site has exploded.

Last Week
"statuses": "1710",
"logins": "232",
"registrations": "10"

This Week
"statuses": "7556",
"logins": "1527",
"registrations": "915"

When is the last time you heard an altcoiner talk about multisig? Security? $5 wrench attacks? Yea, they gloss over it at best. Actions speak louder than words.

holders are obsessed with security because they value it highly.

You guys better drop the good shit in mastodon before twitter fr fr

I didn't realize how much politics had encroached into my Bitcoin Twitter feed, it's so refreshing getting back to just Bitcoin again.

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