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alright, twitter, @bitcoinmagazine and I need your help.

somebody's gotta write the foreword to Bitcoin Is Venice, the book, so please pump the crap out of this tweet to get it on the radar of @nfergus, @jordanbpeterson, @ggreenwald, @Kasparov63, @mtaibbi, and more ...

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β€œBitcoin has never collapsed. It has only corrected after appreciating in value too quickly”

- @BitcoinIsSaving

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Public Lightning Network capacity just broke 2,900 BTC.

Over 400 BTC has been added in the last 10 days.

Find me a better looking chart, I'll wait...

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πŸ“’ Weekend update:

- 28K app downloads in 40 different countries 🌍
- 10% growth of volume last month πŸ“ˆ
- Team member #13 Anna (Graphic Designer) and #14 -Raveen (Backend Dev) signed πŸ–ŠοΈ
- Broker license granted officially πŸ“œ
- End of October relai 2.0 goes live πŸ‘€


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