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If you don't buy Bitcoin for ideology, buy it for asymmetric investment.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to secure your offspring's future, buy it to gain financial independence for yourself.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to end tyranny, buy it for free speech.

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Your everyday humble sats stackers own 5.25% of the BTC supply 😌β™₯️. Let's pump those numbers!

Chart posted by @glassnode

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Supercycle is a great meme, but unlikely for one reason imho: Human market behavior.

Macro could potentially offset this though. (i.e. broader loss of trust in fiat) Something we won’t really know until we get there.

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Looking for the best gifs to communicate with other bitcoiners or laugh at critics?

type in the gif search:

"rd_btc" (@RD_btc)
"rabbinstein" (@IwanRabbinstein).
"gregzaj" (@Gregzaj1)
"icoffender" (@ICOffender)

Any other good ones we missed?

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Reminder for any new Bitcoiners...

If you have any questions related to Bitcoin concepts, wallets or nodes etc, drop by the Q+A Zone on Matrix. Plenty of people in there happy to help others learn.


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This is NOT what a top looks like.

The $57,500 price level now has the most on-chain volume of this entire bull market. The highest single bar of volume since $11,000.

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