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If you don't buy Bitcoin for ideology, buy it for asymmetric investment.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to secure your offspring's future, buy it to gain financial independence for yourself.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to end tyranny, buy it for free speech.

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Annualized average returns for the last 10 years:

Bitcoin: 199%
Gold: 2%
S&P: 11%

Looks like is outperforming all other assets. πŸ“ˆπŸ˜Ž

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Taught 8 yo a rule of thumb for avoiding cults and cult-like things: Avoid groups that tell you not to talk to your family.

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Looking at the distribution of wealth volatility should make you realise there is a strong reason to believe bitcoin value will stabilise. A stable asset is more useful than a volatile one, and market will pursue the maximisation of its value. 1/2

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