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If you don't buy Bitcoin for ideology, buy it for asymmetric investment.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to secure your offspring's future, buy it to gain financial independence for yourself.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to end tyranny, buy it for free speech.

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If everyone in the world understood Bitcoin, and the current macro environment, then the price would be $1M-$10M per Bitcoin.

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Many intellectuals support the idea totalitarian police state because they believe they will be the ones to lead it. These morons are the first to be executed after they finish their role bringing the regime to power.

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I love the scene in Fight Club when Tyler asks β€œwho would you fight?”

So I’m asking, you could fight anyone in the world, who would you fight?

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We all agree that bitcoin is valuable but what is value in the first place?βš–οΈ

How do you even measure value?

@real_vijay gives his two sats.

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Your job seeker profile is not public!

This is used for you to store jobs and applications that you have made and help speed up the process of applying.

We are working on a searchable candidate pool but this will of course be optional.

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A big German bank @DekaBank is looking into investing in Bitcoin.

The banks are slowly waking up to Bitcoin. πŸ‘€

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