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If you don't buy Bitcoin for ideology, buy it for asymmetric investment.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to secure your offspring's future, buy it to gain financial independence for yourself.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to end tyranny, buy it for free speech.

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"Bitcoin isn't about getting your money out of your country. It's about getting your country out of your money." ―

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is fundamentally different from the rest of crypto

"Bitcoin is built around the individual, not the collective" - @OlUkolova

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We are getting close to the launch!πŸš€

βœ…Launch promotion: 0% fees. Limited time only.
βœ…Standard fees as low as 1%
βœ…Best price guarantee
βœ…Faster feature shipping
βœ…Brand refresh
βœ…Even simpler UI/UX

Relaiers, are you ready?

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