.@cryptocloaks already has some sheet metal parts made for their node cases.
Could you be up for the task?

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If for example an S9 in home use could be a potential fire hazard, why not make a sheet metal cover on top of the hash boards and control board?
It could easily stop a smoldering fire, which what I have understood, usually starts from the worn-out connectors.

A silent guardian. A watchful protector.
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Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund is such a awesome idea!

Email straight from @Jack to the bitcoin-dev email list is 🔥. t.co/4tjvuRTM6N

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How my friends think it's going
How it's actually going

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bittr = back! 🔙 Just in time to buy the dip! 📉 📉

If you already had a bittr deposit code, you've received an email with our new IBAN yesterday and you can make a new transfer without registering again 🤩

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~1000 PH/s of @slush_pool hash rate is from Kazakhstan?
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⚠️ Confirmed: is now in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions.

The incident is likely to severely limit coverage of escalating anti-government protests.

📰 Report: netblocks.org/reports/internet t.co/pd

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