For whoever is still using bitcoin core 0.14 & 0.15, updates that remove the inflation bug for these versions

Legal plunder is still...plunder.

Graphic by @kazvorpal

I just realised there might be people who follow me who don't know about

It's a pretty cool open-source platform for building websites in HTML/CSS code.

I've got one at

PayNyms are cool. I used to think they were just a niche implementation of a BIP who had a very marginal use case but... It's kind of the same concept of payment channels that LN uses, minus the routing to other nodes but without the channel balance problems. Useful for private and frequent transactions between two specific parties (eg. when you get paid by your employer, paying rent to your landlord and more)

@samourai_official of course is always ahead of the curve.

Lightning Network has more nodes than Ripple, bcash and Litecoin put together

I remember saying this to Mike Hearn on IRC years ago. He wasn't particularly impressed with the thesis :)

But, I mean, if you think about it, it absolutely must be true. Weird though. Wishing for stability at this point is futile. Pegs (I refuse to call them "stable coins" just because Vitalik likes making up buzzwords) are just ticking timebombs.

Damning UN Report Calls For Myanmar Generals To Be Prosecuted For Genocide
Apple, Facebook, and Google all have created software based on Jarek Duda's asymmetric numeral systems (ANS), which he dedicated to the public domain for everyone to use. Now Google is seeking a patent, and Duda isn't happy about it (and neither are we):

@ChrisWere video about De-Googling Android ( made me think about the daily information overload by following to many accounts/users and having a lot push notifications.
You can call it "digital diet".
So i'm thinking whats important for me, whats helps me in my job and for other parts of my life.

First step: unfollowing unimportant accounts on twitter (moving them to a list).


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