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I'm in Tears Right Now, Today was not a good day

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Russell Brand on the WHO Treaty:

“I’ll tell you what’s up…Your democracy is fucking finished.”

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Full clip of Canadian paramedic regarding 💉

4. Billions worth of tokens that were mined early on by the creator have never been moved.
5. No known creator. True decentralization ie there is no single person/entity/org in charge.

No other coin/chain/project can ever recreate that. EVER!

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Why bitcoin? This is why.

1. Discovery (The first immutable database ever to exist)
2. Valueless tokens for over a year before -true- price discovery.
3. The fairest launch possible. Every single coin was mined by proof-of-work with 0 pre-mine

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Posted this on Facebook in early 2016 before I took a 5 year social media break.

Not surprisingly, nobody understood.


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Ted Turner… CNN founder and billionaire wants to depopulate the world to 2 billion people… not doing it will be catastrophic

It is difficult to get a Bankman to understand something when his whole shitcoinery operation depends on his not understanding it.

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💥BREAKING: LUNA just confirmed that they sold 80k

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