HFSP-like response to "bitcoin energy critics", inspired by @pierre_rochard:

"You're a puppet of Big Petrodollar"
"Such an Big Petrodollar useful idiot you are"

It's hard to parse the whole GME phenomenon as a 'David vs. Goliath' fable when Chamath (a Facebook billionaire) and Elon (literally the world's richest person) are Team David.

Gurri distinguishes between 'the public' and 'the crowd' in The Revolt Of The Public; in his eyes, Chamath and Elon would be part of The Crowd, espousing an alternative worldview from the one proposed by the hierarchical center (represented by CNBC and their ilk)

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Great pod with @pete on Swan Signal, talking about the other side in the block size debate all scammers. No one non-scamming & technically inclined were on that side.

Direct link with timestamp: overcast.fm/+YwHS-ZYUc/56:48

Saylor on Unchained, from 40 minute mark, listen for 10 minutes.

Laura: "Would MSTR ever take something off the table when you sense the market is at the top?"

Saylor: paraphrase, "Fuck no. I sold my shit bolivar for better money. Just because I can now sell it to get 10x the bolivars, why would I do that?"


Underrated BSV-catalyzed comedic performance of recent: @stevecheney (Twitter).

CSW-vibes. Genuinely funny for a few dozen tweets or so.

I'm shitposting, but also not. We're just going to meme our way into taking over the $ symbol for sats, and our grandchildren will presume it's always been that way, the same way we use dollars even though no one remembers thalers.

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*browses bitcoin merch*
wife: why do you want me to get kidnapped?

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