Galactic Cosmic Sheet Undulations Measurement
Lightning sends chunk of I-10 pavement thru trucks windshield in Florida (photo)
Still no dark matter found (its the end of the road for the lambda cold dark matter hypothesis)

You are privy to the collapsing financial system.
a.k.a. buying

Are you also aware of the "collapsing" magnetosphere of Earth?

Glyphosate IS a MAJOR scourge on all life.
Slowing killing all bacterial life.
No bacteria=No life.
You too.
It is why there is such a divide between the healthy and sick. Takes a good amt of effort to get healthy but not much to stay healthy.

If you see people freaking out about the sun....its cz they are dumb and looking at the iSWA model that is no longer used and had no way to deal with specific space events which results in crazy looking magnetosphere jolts of Earth.

Earth should be slowing down over time and that has been the case most my life.
Why is it speeding up now?
Could it be due to magnetic fields changing?

This could used as a template to create a "Crisis in Money" Infomentary featuring lol
Crisis in Cosmology & Money & many other things, all at the same time. What a time!

The accepted Scientific Truths are slowly changing.
This is a regular occurrence through history.
Scientific "consensus" >should< >always< be morphing.
What side are you on?
Stagnant & old or fresh & evolving.

The bleeding edge of science is almost always ridiculed first. "Earthquakes cant be forecast" says a moron in 2017.
"Earthquakes can be forecast" says the same guy in 2021.

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