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The number one predictor of your success in Bitcoin is your level of understanding.

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Bitcoin positively incentivizes market participants along with promoting good behavior like never before seen in history.

America’s infrastructure is crumbling alongside the USD in real time.

This is not a coincidence.

May the rebuilding process be swift with American ideals and :bitcoin:

The race to $0.00. 🤯
(it was technically 4 cents lol)

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Kenobi to the US Govt

It is against the laws of physics for BTC not to go up exponentially in price.

This is no longer a risk on asset.

Most people will look back in disbelief and wonder why they couldn’t see the writing on the wall.

Stay humble, stack sats. Your future self will thank you.


“Those crashes, these bailouts, are not accidents. Neither is it an accident that there is no financial education in school… It’s premeditated. Just as prior to the Civil War it was illegal to educate a slave, we're not allowed to learn about money in school.” - @theRealKiyosaki

It’s been fun.

Appreciate the pullback.

See you in January 👋🏼

will create brand new metropolitan areas by harnessing their abundance of natural resources that otherwise would be a remote wasteland.

Hope you indulged on some prime cuts. We celebrated with local 100% grass-fed New York strips on the Traeger.

Good times.

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"And in our time inflation has become persistent and aggravated because various legal provisions actually protect the monetary institutions that produce this inflation." - Guido Hülsmann

A journey I thought I’d never go on, but here we go! 💪🏼

“Hash rate has bottomed and showing signs of recovery.” @caprioleio

Golf invariably exposes your true personality.

If you don’t want your character to show, don’t play golf.

The problem is most people who live in the U.S. are no longer American or never were.

Does fix this? lol

Imagine being this desperate.

“As national currency, cryptoassets-including Bitcoin - come with substantial risks to macro-financial stability, financial integrity, consumer protection and the environment.”

It happens to the be the exact opposite and they are obviously describing CBDC’s 😂

will usher in a new era of deleverage and deregulation.

In every system there are far too many rules and regulations.

fixes this.

R/T @wealth_theory

Get in shape
Be a good Dad
Clear your mind
Stack :bitcoin:

Anyone else having issues with Strike?

‘Network connection lost’

“Free speech without monetary independence is just letting people scream whatever they want while chained to the wall.”

Bitcoin does not waste energy it consumes energy waste.

They will attempt to ban PoW and socially shame those who support it or worse.

:bitcoin: is peaceful and they hate it.

How long before people realize they are no longer free when the state dictates how much power a person can consume!?

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

:bitcoin: fixes this.

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