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The number one predictor of your success in Bitcoin is your level of understanding.

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Bitcoin positively incentivizes market participants along with promoting good behavior like never before seen in history.

Very few, if any are using Bitcoin as the unit of account when determining the valuation of a business.

Bitcoin is going to absorb the premium for so many businesses and other assets, it’s going to be incredible.

When priced in bitcoin what beats bitcoin?

“The difficulty-adjustment is about keeping a constant time not a constant level of security, difficulty, or energy expenditure.

This is ingenious because good money has to be costly in time not energy.”

“The difficulty adjustment is essential because without it the internal clock of Bitcoin would tend to go faster and faster as more minors join the network...”

Cred: Bitcoin Is Time

Brilliant @dergig

NFT’s might just top ICO scams.

Would someone mind explaining this to me??

If your are not enjoying the process you’re either too focused on the goal (price) or you need to change how you absorb the information.

Audio Books

Find what works best for you. Then go and implement what you have learned.

RT @johncarmack

“If you can, build it. If you can’t build it, fund it. if you can’t fund it, champion it. If you won’t champion it, at least stay out of the way.”

Milli-sats are great on Lightning. According to @jimmysong we have nothing to worry about until $1 billion per bitcoin (current purchasing power).

Enough sats for everyone.

But how is that a limited supply? 😂

In times past there always seems to be a generational spat.

The war between Boomers and Millennials & Gen Z might be different?

Good news, they still think Bitcoin is a joke.

Bitcoin was raised with zero money from the outside and became a trillion dollar asset faster than anything on the planet.

How do you replicate that?


“I’ve spent quite a lot of time studying Bitcoin so I understand how this technology can be revolutionary.” However, what I’m more excited about is how blockchain can literally change the world.”

Ummm, you are either extremely dense or you’re flat out lying.

It doesn’t take long after listening to someone if they have really done the work.

Don’t be like that guy lol

“What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.

At no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.

Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listen to it.” 😂

The real inflation rate is the growth of M2 which is 15-20%

Focus on increased purchasing power and less on nominal returns.

People who don’t own bitcoin will not be able to out run this.

Fiat is the reason why people worry about the gender of plastic potatoes.

Bitcoin will usher in a world similar to the Jetsons.

My first exposure to bitcoin, I completely laughed it off.

My second exposure, I had to admit to myself that I didn't understand money, cryptography, distributed networks, etc.

I had to drop my ego and be willing to learn.

The first price you pay for is humility.

“Very few of our clients have double digit allocations. The vast majority have 2-3%”
-Andy Edstrom

That is code for rich people who own bitcoin have no idea what it is and will continue to rebalance.

Bitcoiners going softer with HAVE FUN BUYING HIGHER because things are about to get real.

Money significantly effects our emotions.

If you’ve ever read “Your Money and Your Brain,” nocoiners very well could be crying themselves to sleep.

“Yield curve controls is rocket fuel for all these inflationary assets. If they try and suppress yields while inflation moves up this summer, uh that’s rockets fuel for all those scare assets.” Lyn Alden

None more scare than :bitcoin:


I think I’m beginning to understand after listening to the Hanke interview.

Salty nocoiners believe that bitcoiners are the same as bandwagon GME buyers. “With no intelligence whatsoever.”

People will eat crow like never before.

Get your popcorn ready. 🍿

Ever wonder how close Bitcoin came to double the block size?

95% of the hash rate was signaling to double, but full nodes said no.

Miners are subservient to full node operators.

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