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The number one predictor of your success in Bitcoin is your level of understanding.

Hodges Farm

Owned & operated by the Hodges family for over 100 years.

“Bitcoin doesn’t work. You guys are just too young to realize it doesn’t work.”

-Pete Schiff

May we never be that foolish when we grow old.

Always respect the younger generations who have a zest for life.

The only way to opt-out of the the coming destruction is with :bitcoin:

Perfect example of someone saying, this boys club belongs to us and you’re not invited.

All those pension plans are broke anyway.

Stop using ungodly leverage to get rich and go create real value in the world.

Holding BTC has long time preference.

Giving to the things of The Lord has a longer time preference.

Same discipline, different feedback loops.

Your current “crypto” holdings?

Money is the representation of time and energy.

When someone can just press a key for more units they steal everyone’s time and energy.

Time to for another unit of account.

:bitcoin: > fiat 💵

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There is only .

In 12-27 years will be the one and only money accepted by everyone everywhere.

is the world's first money.

This is hyperbitcoinization.

Hey, I know you’re trying to get healthy and lose weight. My gift to you is a year of FREE ice cream sandwiches. Good luck!

Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding.

Proverbs 23:23

R/T @CaitlinLong

SO MUCH of the garbage in during this cycle was just leverage dressed up as tech innovation.😔

Bitcoiners to crypto bros 👇🏼

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@PrestonPysh @BitcoinIsSaving There will be a race to destroy Coinbase, and it may be quietly fueled by their own creditors.

Once they are insolvent, Goldman gets their BTC holdings.

1. Early law firms get the fiat
2. Banks/creditors get the BTC
3. Plebs get NOTHING

Get your coins off exchanges NOW

When goes no bid, only the best entrepreneurs offering exceptional products and services will be able to exchange for sats.

That day is coming. We are not there yet. People are still taking fake notes for real money. Take advantage.

Stack sats and chill ⚡️

What do you want to own?

Answer: “Things that affluent intelligent people will want to buy from you in a decade.” -Saylor

The reversion to the end mean between hashrate and price will be epic.

Get your sats now ⚡️

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