Met someone today who sold all their BTC and Eth last week. Hey, good on them, they profited.

The idea that Bitcoin portends a fundamental shift, vs just an investment which has appreciated in value, is still very niche. (Though this view makes sense if it's all "crypto" to you).

@rusty blame it on bitcoin's gold-like emission schedule and hard cap which makes it so tempting for hoarders and unfairly rewards early adopters. I really like GRIN's approach on that matter.

@xorman Apparently when Microsoft IPOd a number of engineers sold immediately, making thousands of dollars.

Even if you tried fair distribution, it won't work. So simple wins.

@rusty simple wins. Agree. Fixed block reward is simpler than a halvings scheme. There are also game-theoretical security implications of an absent block reward.
It can be argued that if it weren't for the hard-cap Bitcoin would've never taken off. But as your OT says: it really had never taken off outside the investment use case.

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