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Last time here was 2 years ago. Let's try again! I'll be posting :Lightning: content, aiming for daily... :bitcoin:

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Years ago I said if we hit 50k I'd spend some of my old tipjar (currently powering my Lightning node) on a decent coffee machine for those 5:30am Lightning calls.

So, now I'm testing for selling some BTC; face-to-face trades in Adelaide could take a while though!

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #139 is here:

- summarizes continued discussion about proposed methods for activating taproot
- links to an effort to document existing software building on top of taproot
- summarizes the "Erlay: bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol" Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting


If you have an opinion on ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK/NACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal

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Interested in setting up a mine for your enterprise? We believe businesses built on BTC should also mine to add to the network's security. We leverage our world-class infra & expertise to provide turnkey mining solutions that scale. ⛏️

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Here's a proof that I own a taproot output on signet height 14344 without revealing which one it is. This makes use of bare pubkeys in taproot and libsecp256k1-zkp ring signatures. Pushed the PoC code here

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These last 2 weeks answering noob questions abt has re-balanced my empathy levels to stupid questions

PPL ARE LAZY AF, but that’s just how they were brought up.Can’t let that make me annoyed and be ready to just re-explain the same thing in 10x different ways 100x times

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The first logo was posted 11 years ago, today!

Bitcoin Consensus and Solidarity:

I deleted a much more technical post, because it derives from this base idea: that consensus is vital but unverifiable. Our only defense is to have our signalling be open, broadly-based and sustained.

Met someone today who sold all their BTC and Eth last week. Hey, good on them, they profited.

The idea that Bitcoin portends a fundamental shift, vs just an investment which has appreciated in value, is still very niche. (Though this view makes sense if it's all "crypto" to you).

TIL I have just over 1M sats in lntipbot.

I used my previous tips to power my lightning node, but that's all good. What should I spend these on? Just lntip everyone?

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