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Thread on the concept of borrowing fiat using Bitcoin as collateral (and re-rolling your loans, based on the assumed increasing value of the collateral), and how dangerous this can be with Bitcoin.

Imagine your balance sheet looks like this right now:

@verretor I'm finding it's like the internet in 1999. People are less inhibited so they create weird and fun stuff, and you get to stumble around discovering it. What's amazing is people have even created lists where the most interesting content is shared:

You guys who don't follow regular fedi might get a chuckle out of this.

We've all heard of the "fediblock" -- the great blocklist that NAS and any server with fun people are on.

P from FSE created a new relay that includes only instance that are on the fediblock list lol


@afilini from a UX standpoint IPFS is also really slow and often unreliable. Maybe webasm w/ local storage in the browser is better, especially if you don't try to persist content forever.

@afilini how about a message board client that reads/writes to IPFS? Someone has a project like this called "boards": github.com/ipfs/awesome-ipfs

@stephanlivera the accounting part can still be a pain, especially if your accountant is not used to dealing with multiple currencies/FX!

@stephanlivera this is especially important for payroll. The more employees you have, the bigger your monthly payroll obligation, and the more cash you need on hand. Today if you need $1MM on hand in some places in Europe, that will cost you $10K per year.

There will be a tipping point (maybe we've even reached it now depending on your country) where it becomes cheaper to pay your employees in BTC than in fiat, using e.g. derivatives to manage downside risks.

I'm pretty sure they just doing this so they can have a current phone number.

why should you write CLI & terminal software in 2019?

well, there are plenty of reasons, but a really good one is that desktop computing is in a state of relentless decline (backed by megacorp fiat that it be murdered ASAP) and the terminal will still be cockroaching along decades after it's impossible to use any of the GUI paradigm stuff that worked just fine in like 1998-2010.

Tried using one of these the other day. The onboarding process was a UX/privacy/fiat nightmare. Perfect use case for digital cash (make it "coin operated"), not sure why they don't have an option to pay with cryptocurrency.

Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel) is an extraordinary talented propagandist!

Notice how everything he says about the general scam industry (/#crypto) is true, while everything he says about is a false.

The conflating of the two is not by accident.

Roger Ver who's lying 100% of the time, is a complete amateur compared to this guy!

We need to immunize against this by more clearly differentiating from the non-bitcoin crypto/blockchain industry.


Here is a 2-wallet Samourai Stowaway spend. Neither output displays the true spend amount which is, in effect, "stowed away" via a trusted cooperation between 2 wallets.
oxt.me/transaction/546458c3470 … Based on an idea from G Maxwell w/algo guidelines from @laurentmt

@samouraidev @laurentmt I've never seen this before. It seems it would have the same effect as using cross-chain atomic swaps (anonymous trades with e.g. Monero/Grin) to break the assumptions behind chain analysis.

How my account got suspended on le site du bird. 

@tim I just realized I hadn't seen any of your tweets lately.

@MattoshisVision cool, I think this could turn into a new geocaching-style phenomenon at art galleries

@Sapakus is this available to read anywhere besides forbes? Their website is unusable.

@MattoshisVision last time I played with steganography was with Mathematica. Is the repo for simulacrum available somewhere?

@christinabahk I also assign trust scores to people/institutions based on my own secret algorithm, my rating for anyone involved with facebook is 0

@arcalinea I was looking for the next book to read, think I just found it

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