Calling it "pull request" is stupid when the intention of the driving actor is clearly to push something.


@threed technically speaking the driver is unable to push if the cop don't pull the fence to let it go on the main road, isn't it?

@roshii That's like instead of punching someone you would request "fist in the face acquisition".

Whether they try to dodge your hit or not is secondary to what you are trying to achieve from your perspective.

@threed good analogy :)
I have to agree it makes it rather stupid in that sense!

@threed @roshii You do not have to dodge the incoming code, as it is not actually incoming. You have to actively *pull* it from the other location in order for it to hit your base.

@raucao @roshii indeed and so as a maintainer of the main branch you could have a button or command that's called "pull it", but that's not the case either. Probably more meaningful there is to "Approve" or "Merge"

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