More and more people are getting upset about Chrome doing sneaky stuff. Good.

What absolutely baffles me, is that people are trying to find out if using a modified version of Chromium should still be ok.
You are BY DEFINITION engaging in a fight you CAN NOT WIN.

My previous 'subtle' attempts with #GoogleIsEvil apparently weren't clear enough, so here's another try:

If you don't want to get fucked in the ass, you shouldn't evaluate the pros and cons of 'just the tip'.


@FreePietje There's a reason people want to use chromium though, and it's because there's no good alternatives. In all honesty, as a longtime firefox fan, it just outright sucks for more js-heavy applications.

@kekcoin @FreePietje agreed. imho Firefox unfortunately don't compete with Chrome when it comes to multimedia - from a pure UX perspective

I don't recall such an experience, but I have no reason to doubt your/the statement.

Then the big question becomes, what's the cause?
Wrt multimedia @roshii, are you talking about (mainly) YT? Maybe is in play here? (I don't know)

I wonder if suck-age is because of (unfixable) technical inferiority, or bc sites are made for/optimized for Chrome, just like in the IE4 days.
At some low % marketshare, who's gonna care to make it work at all in FF?

@kekcoin @roshii
Still assuming your statement is correct, and taking in account the problems with Mozilla I described in my other response, then I would still use Firefox.
For (purely) principal reasons.

The web is already practically controlled by G👀gle, via their dominance at W3C and with search causing websites to adhere to their whims.
Do you think it'll get better when they 100% control the web?

When there are no consequences to bad behavior, why change?
See Facebook and Amazon/AWS.


@FreePietje @kekcoin I do favor Firefox as well for daily usage, but unfortunately I came to get used streaming with Chrome only.

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