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👻Specter v0.10.0 is out!

Highlights(1/ 2):
- RBF support
- New “Add Device” UI
- Wallet PDF backup
- Tor out-of-the-box on Mac and Windows desktop apps
- Show price of Bitcoin amounts
- Specter offline signer and coordination

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Them: When Bitcoin Core 1.0?

Me: Probably never

Them: When 1.0?

Me. Screw 1.0, were going straight to 22.0!

"Following Starship SN8’s eventful Static Fire test, it was feared the test flight would likely suffer from a lengthy delay. However, thanks in part to a burst disk that avoided a damaging “pop” scenario, SN8 may yet still fly to 50,000 feet this month, albeit with a realigned trio of Raptor engines."

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Native segwit (bech32) (p2wpkh) (BIP84) wallets are the default in Joinmarket, as of just now, i.e. it is in master branch. Release soon.

This means that if you start the software today you will create those wallets and use the joinmarket bot pit for those wallets and create coinjoins with them, by default; you can set `native=false` in the config if you want, however. See docs/ directory for details.

Please publicize this where you can for users' plausible deniability when starting new bots.

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There's still no rule about the types of masks allowed in public if they do the job (I.E. not useless like a mesh), so it's entirely feasible for AI defeating anti-facial-recognition patterns to be incorporated

This pattern is called HyperFace and instead of "hiding" a face, it's designed to flood the Viola-Jones Haar Cascade algorithm by creating numerous hits

Masks made from material with this or similar prints are already widespread and they're part of the ideal urban camouflage kit

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Users of would you prefer to have a Bech32 (P2WPKH) offer book?
There was a change before from the legacy format gradually moving over to nested SegWit (P2SH-P2PKH) addresses.
Now that Bech32 adoption is higher there could be further blockspace efficiency gained.

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Announcing the all-new Librem 14

A powerful 14" laptop in a 13" footprint

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

More about the Librem 14:

#privacy #security #freedom #linux

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New release of Joinmarket.
(REDRAFT: Small bug in 0.6.3 fixed so replacing with

Improvements and bugfixes as usual make upgrading recommended. Most notable is that next release will deprecate Py3.5 and earlier, read here for details:

Also a binary (static build) for Linux 64 bit that you can try is attached to the release. Verify signatures as usual please :)

#joinmarket #bitcoin

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It's about time we stopped buying into the propaganda phrase "ad blockers", and started calling user-protection tools like #uBlockOrigin and #NoScript what they are; spy blockers. If I display ads on my website using HTML and CSS, spy blockers won't block those. As far as they know, the text, images, audio, or video that make up the ads could be anything. So what's really being blocked is not ads, but tracking. Thanks to the authors of this site, for pointing this out:

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We are participating in an alpha test by Open Collective to allow donations to our collective via Bitcoin.

Use this link to make a bitcoin contribution:

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Proof-of-Stake sucks. Why? Look at Steem. Justin of TRON is trying to buy them out and control their future, so he's staking a crapload of tokens to force it down users throats --
And this is on top of the fact that the Steem blockchain has frozen up before. The users wanted to fork out from it, but they can't -- because they don't have the most coins.
Just like the real world -- deepest pockets win.

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Thank you Irish Drug Dealer, you just burned ~6,174 BTC because you were an idiot about storing your private keys --
I salute your sacrifice in making my coins that much more valuable.

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Librem laptops now have one less blob (VGA BIOS) within Coreboot -


BitcoinPrimitives.jl v0.1.1 has just been released.
It fixes computation of txid for segwit transaction by allowing forced legacy serialization.

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