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🇬🇧 🚨 The EU Parliament proposed today an anti-democratic 3.5% minimum threshold for European elections, which would have invalidated 3.1 million German votes in the 2019 EP elections and redistributed the seats of smaller parties to the establishment.

Me: Hi, I'd lile to cancel my subscription on 6th June
Orange Customer Services (OCS): We cannot do that you need to call us no earlier than 14 days before termination date.
Me: Would it work if I call just a week before?
OCS: Then you risk paying subscription for a week after the 6th, this is why you have to call two weeks before
Me: This is precisely why I am calling now, not to paid while already gone...
OCS: Other questions?

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If #ElonMusk wants to make #Twitter better, he could start with implementing #ActivityPub federation..

Biofuels, or how to try to hide a problem behind a bigger problem... a none sense

Malaysia urges countries to prioritise food over fuel as Indonesia bans palm exports | Reuters

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Android < iOS < Calyx < Graphene

Graphene and Calyx are compatible with the Pixel 3 and up.
Calyx works on the cheap Xiaomi Mi A2 and faster on the Pixel 3a/3aXL.

LineageOS can be flashed on most Android phones for a great privacy benefit, but with the bootloader left unlocked.

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Messier 104

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Legacy Archive; Processing & Copyright: Ignacio Diaz Bobillo #APoD

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Anyone with a smartphone can install a bitcoin wallet, no permission required.

Compare this with the myriad documents and questions a bank will ask you to set up an account.

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I view Bitcoin maximalism as the belief that Bitcoin will be the money of the world someday.

It's not a statement that all altcoins will immediately go to zero, as some shitcoin apologists love to strawman.

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After a couple of days "in the wild" on the master branch, had to fix 3 or 4 things up, most user-relevant one being, the ports for the directory nodes were changed (and documented right); we are using 5222 as the reachable port for the onion instead of 80.

So for anyone running it please update and reset the default config to get that bit right.

Hopefully there won't be more changes that are big, for a while (at least before next release).

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Congratulations to the #EuropeanParliament for having passed the motion for a resolution on the #RightToRepair with a vast majority: 509 in favor, 3 against, 13 abstain. In it is written that: [1/4]

#Ecodesign #UpcyclingAndroid #FreeSoftware

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EU to Facebook, Apple, Signal, Telegram, etc.: Open your APIs and play nice with others, or GTFO.

If this sticks it will be a massive win for an open internet.


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BREAKING: The ECON & LIBE committees of the EU Parliament voted in favor of the FTR compromises D &amp; E that crack down on “unhosted” wallets.

Entire regulation draft to be voted on later today, but will certainly go through.

Breakdown of the vote & more updates in this thread.

It looks like buying more than 10 k€ worth of bitcoin triggers KYC alarm bells at Bitstamp 😳
Not only I have been asked to justify source of fund but also destination of past bitcoin withdrawals dating back to 2015. Ironically Bitstamp knew more than I did thanks to their blockchain analytics provider 😅
And it doesn't even stops there as I am now asked to justify all crypto deposit, starting from account opening, back in... 2012... seriously?

Physicists swap electron for anti proton in superfluid helium: can we dream about antimatter rocket fuel?

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The long term impact of Russia’s new root certificate is not clear, but the digital security of Russian citizens is already splintered.


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