Don’t buy bitcoin! It’s going to crash!!

what if qe is a psyop to prime people to expect inflation so that they go out and spend quickly, there by stopping/delaying deflation?! 🤔

Finally read “The Fountainhead” and finished it. Parallels to today’s collectivism makes it timeless.

Watching is my new favorite hobby

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Haven't seen this being shared anywhere, but this is a great site for looking up various metrics (liquidity, volume, median fees etc) of Whirlpool, Wasabi and Joinmarket, as well as other on-chain stats:

Congressional hearing - “doge coin is a threat to ethereum” - by the one and only Brad Sherman lol

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I've been a long time LND user and finally got around to setting up c-lightning to try it out. I set it up by hand, I don't us a node in a box. I would say difficulty is similar to get up and running between the 2 implementations. C-lightning doesn't have a light mode like LND's Neutrino, a connection to a full node is required.

I tried out the Spark Wallet that sits on top of c-lightning. It is a very clean and attractive tool.

Any experienced c-lightning users with any general thoughts?

Some whale opens shorts on bitfinex to suppress price before options expiry but yea sure we will get btc ETF this year!

Fucking white knights invade bitcoin clubhouse during non busy hours, heard a fifty something guy say “I love women’s soccer because it’s so awesome and men’s pro soccer is so easy I can play even now” to impress the ladies lol

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RT @BitcoinQ_A
🚨 PSA 🚨

A bitcoiner recently hit my DMs after being scammed using the site coinjoin(.)io

A custodial mixer which he tested w/ a small amount first + subsequently sent a larger amount to, receiving 0 back.

Please RT for awareness so nobody else gets hit.

@rorschachbtc another entity paid 475 sats/vb for a tx confirmation on the same block. come on man!

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1 sat/vb tx’s clearing on a Wednesday night crazy

Bitcoin in Clubhouse is actually great! Very scalable for educating newbies.

“One lesson for investors seems obvious: If you want to buy Bitcoin, don’t buy it today, just when mainstream investors’ fascination is higher than its almost ever been. Wait for those investors to move on to other things.” - CNN Money..continuing its great tradition of keeping its readers poor

Another teammate came out as a bitcoiner today and has already gotten a coldcard, he was even talking how cypherpunk he feels 😂 I had given up on talking about btc, just said I collect it every dip whenever anyone bought it up and seems like that’s the most effective strategy

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