It will be 58 forever, Laura.. forever!

Finally sold gold from long time ago, had to call a guy and confirm price, double box it, take it to ups, wait two days for delivery, two more days for bank transfer and finally now available for purchasing the dip. Never been so bullish about btc!

hopefully this dip kills off the s2f nonsense for good 🤞

Hope we nuke so that we never hear about the s2f thing again

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Twitter finally unbanned me this morning.
But they didn't admit wrongdoing or say it won't happen again.

Let's keep Mastodon alive and growing as the primary social media network, and use Twitter only as a fallback to interface with normies? ;)

New life goal: get rich enough to afford a doctor who prescribes ivermectin

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I also have evidence this cross-ban was NOT based on access IP address.

Considering that the user who baited me deleted his own account, and the unlinked Bitcoin Knots account was also banned, it seems likely this was a setup intentionally targeting my work! :/

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Blocks are always mined for 1 sat every minute right before you do your tx but are always produced once every 45 mins just after your tx.

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If you follow JWW you are literally retarded 🤣🤡

@Donkey_Kong when participating in a swap thro and after you are done opening channels, do you have to then “build a route” via invoice?

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@rorschachbtc did you set it up with macaroons or accounts? Took me forever to figure that out

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The outcast looks up at me as I greet him from the Citadel watch tower.

"Are...are there retweets here?"

"No friend. This is Twitter jail. In here, we boost toots. You'll get used to it, in as much as any sane man can."

The stranger's eyes drop to the ground. I see his shoulders gently bob as he begins quietly sobbing. The gates open. He is home.

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Anyone else having trouble with Thunderhub dropping connection to their node?

(Those that I have opened channels with that are out of balance, I have been trying to balance them for days)

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Overton Window bye bye.
RT @TomBrady
Hey @FTX_Official, let’s make a trade...Let’s get this guy a Bitcoin

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Tax on unrealized gains is legal plunder.

They created this mess and now they're looking to pass the cost to the people.

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Here we go. Now my company is mandating the flu shot. They want me to fill out a flu "vaccine" affirmation form to tell them if I am complying.

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