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Putin está que llora y eso le da una fuerza Zelensky que te cagas.
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In these dark hours, tonight the colours of the Ukrainian flag shine bright on the @EU_Commission headquarters.

A symbol of our solidarity. Friendship. And steadfast support.

More than ever, the EU stands with Ukraine and its people.

Criminals beyond words control their Canadian puppets.
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30. It would seem that the entities controlling Canada are now the WEF, Banks, Blackrock & Vanguard. Covid Stage 1 is over. Stage 2 of a digital currency, digital ID & social credit system leading to a surveillance state is under way.

Time is running out

Why is she not yelling at Putin? Because he dgaf.
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I’m so glad that the west gave up on energy independence because Greta Thunberg yelled at us. That’s really looking like a smart move today.

I don’t feel the slightest bit conflicted about flushing that shit site from my everyday entertainment flow - Twitter accounts sharing video from Ukraine are being suspended when they're needed most

no idea if this is true, but those are still better odds than guessing my private key


I listened to the Once Bitten podcast today with @LaserHodl. It was my favorite in the series since I listened to the first with @martybent. I highly recommend it. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Chamath really stepped in it this time with those comments about the Uyghurs. He is one guy I will support being cancelled. Not my usual thing, cancellation, but if you deserve it, you deserve it.

Formerly insane Florida is now a bastion of freedom from Covidiocy - Ron DeSantis Welcomes You to Florida, America's New Texas | Opinion

After a long series of discussions with the wife, I will be deleting my Twitter accounts this weekend and moving here for good. Looking at the landscape and my interests in light of the demonizing of remnants fighting fascism and what has happened to truth tellers on Twitter, getting off Twitter is the best move for the safety of me and my family that would still allow me to be outspoken on Bitcoin and the Great Reset without many of the risks associated with doing so.

You took the first 3 jabs to become free.
You won't take another booster, last one made you very sick.
You lose your job.
Your savings get crushed by inflation.
You are brought to a quarantine camp due to wrong think and "anti-vaxx" demonstrations.
This pod stands in the room.
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Soylent Green is here.

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This one page document from the US government in 1918 on 'Spanish Flu' is more measured, more scientific, and more holistic than everything we have been fed for the past 2 years... Incredible.

@jimmysong I'm wondering if we are at peak fiat because debt is much preferred at this point than me selling bitcoin. I have no issues racking up the debt actually, and if that means I dont actually own some things like my car, ok fine, my bitcoin is worth more to me! Thoughts on that?

@LaserHodl Hardcore Bitcoiners Turn on Ross Ulbricht for Selling an NFT From Prison

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A case of a 32-year-old woman who presented with symptoms and suggestive of multiple sclerosis (MS) a few days after receiving the 1st dose of the (Pfizer-BioNTech).
Laboratory and imaging findings confirmed the diagnosis of MS.

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