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As a super user of @HubSpot for over 7 years here is a brief thread on the recent data breach and what you can do to protect from the incoming spam and phishing you WILL be subject to.

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If you’re looking for a break from the insane intensity of the world we find ourselves in these days, I’ve found re-watching Arrested Development helps a lot.

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As an alternate/supplement to Ivermectin/HCQ I'll add, spend the $200-400 dollars now and stock up on Quercetin 1000mg, NAC, D3-5000, C-1000mg, Zinc, Magnesium, Green Tea, Aspirin, B12/K2 and have enough for 30 days for each person you want to help in your Family circle and Friends, having all that will help fight the "next" Virus...

I could see most of the above being removed/banned also...
If you never have to use it, still money well spent...

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Dr. McCullough Closes the Case on Mass Formation—There Is Too Much Evidence

-People driving alone in cars with masks on.
-People swimming with masks on.
-Doctors prescribing remdesivir when it has poorer outcomes than a placebo.
-The American Medical Association is campaigning to abolish the use of ivermectin.
-Recommending a vaccine for people who have already had COVID.


My appeal to get my account back on Twitter failed and I refuse to remove my post. Fuck them.

Political rhetoric is a lock-your-account offense. Growing ever more weary of this world we’ve built.

@NunyaBidness Not Probably. DeSantis will 100% make sure we don't lose energy production in Fla.

Psaki is going to tell everyone how diplomacy works... 😆

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New design: you don’t like “toxic maximalism?” GFY!!

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What if you don’t have to pay ~ $40,000 to stack 1 ?

Mining is the best way to dollar cost average into Bitcoin at a discount.

Buy and host rigs ⛏️ with us to start mining.


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