Political rhetoric is a lock-your-account offense. Growing ever more weary of this world we’ve built.

"If there is an escape, that escape will be used" - Fraud Lagarde

We have all escaped her distopian future meant to make us all subservient and pacified. Stack on brothers!

Anyone have any idea what's going to happen if Frances or Amy drop in? Perhaps from mastodon.funwithfractions.org

It's my flawed opinion that plebs buy other people's formerly very expensive sats with great alactrity and conviction. Not ones to buy into a run-up, they wait, sometimes patiently, for the leaves to fall back gently to earth to be gathered in amber, and, thus, stored for eternity. Your stack, brothers, is your monument. Make it large. Oh, and add a shrubbery or two.

@nvk Really appreciate you hosting this Mastodon instance to get us organized.

@MsHodl how did you make that clickable link on Twitter (shitter) to your profile here?

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