Plebs are the real whales.

We just haven’t taken our final form yet.

Aussie Central Bankers don't understand what money is. 🤭🤫

Australia's Central Bank Says Bitcoin 'Not Really Money,' No Risk to Financial Stability - CoinDesk

Andreas answering some work calls. You never know when it can travel through phone lines. You can never be too safe!

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Digging through @getumbrel code is hilarious:

$ cat umbrel/karen
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# karen watches for signals and executes triggers in the events dir
# karen gets triggered a lot

@pox isn't volatile; it only appears so when measuring the hardest asset humans have ever created in shitty fiat. The dollar is volatile, not .

Is Bitcoin volatile?
Following the Saylor/Stevens discussion, I considered the meaning of the term.
A volatile substance evaporates easily - it doesn't easy turn back into liquid or a solidify. Volatility is unidirectional.
A volatile asset is one that *loses* value easily, not one that fluctuates in value. There's no upward volatility, because that's a confusion in terms.
The only Q remaining is what time frame are we measuring value across?
Over >4 years, Bitcoin has ZERO volatility.

I've just accepted a job in the industry! Being paid in ! Couldn't be more excited! DCA every two weeks like clockwork. What a time to be alive!

It's so hard to find pictures of Ross Stevens online. That dude is ultra stealthy for a gigachad.

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@michael_saylor @Nydig Kindly convince Ross Stevens to get on Twitter and some pods with @stephanlivera @breedlove22 @PrestonPysh. We need his energy on a regular basis. requesting backup power source.

TLDR: Convert your assets into BTC and issue debt against your assets and cashflow.
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I am watching the MicroStrategy conference now and it's basically how to do a speculative attack 101.

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