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As a super user of @HubSpot for over 7 years here is a brief thread on the recent data breach and what you can do to protect from the incoming spam and phishing you WILL be subject to.

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If you’re looking for a break from the insane intensity of the world we find ourselves in these days, I’ve found re-watching Arrested Development helps a lot.

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As an alternate/supplement to Ivermectin/HCQ I'll add, spend the $200-400 dollars now and stock up on Quercetin 1000mg, NAC, D3-5000, C-1000mg, Zinc, Magnesium, Green Tea, Aspirin, B12/K2 and have enough for 30 days for each person you want to help in your Family circle and Friends, having all that will help fight the "next" Virus...

I could see most of the above being removed/banned also...
If you never have to use it, still money well spent...

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Dr. McCullough Closes the Case on Mass Formation—There Is Too Much Evidence

-People driving alone in cars with masks on.
-People swimming with masks on.
-Doctors prescribing remdesivir when it has poorer outcomes than a placebo.
-The American Medical Association is campaigning to abolish the use of ivermectin.
-Recommending a vaccine for people who have already had COVID.


My appeal to get my account back on Twitter failed and I refuse to remove my post. Fuck them.

Political rhetoric is a lock-your-account offense. Growing ever more weary of this world we’ve built.

Psaki is going to tell everyone how diplomacy works... 😆

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New design: you don’t like “toxic maximalism?” GFY!!

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What if you don’t have to pay ~ $40,000 to stack 1 ?

Mining is the best way to dollar cost average into Bitcoin at a discount.

Buy and host rigs ⛏️ with us to start mining.


Of course, she is apart of Demand Justice

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BREAKING: Biden picks DC Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee to The Supreme Court, according to several reports

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Announcing John Stefanopoulos, as a speaker!

@JStefanop1 is a founder at FutureBit, a leading Bitcoin hardware company dedicated to decentralizing the core network, and enabling easy-to-use, affordable access to millions of underserved consumers.

I don't like any politicians (I hate them actually) but this speech is awesome

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[email protected], Ted Cruz says the Left hates bitcoin because they can’t control it. You’re a speaker at bitcoin 2022, what’s your response to Ted Cruz’s statement?

nunchuk_io getting a Ted Cruz Shoutout at CPAC2022 😂🤣
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One of the reasons I’m bullish on is because it’s decentralized.

The Left hates Bitcoin because they can’t control it.

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If you needed to be warned about this, well, you’re definitely not going to make it. twitter.com/0urobro/status/149

Right next to each other on Google News feed. What kind of brainpower does it take to put 2 and 2 together? We can't eliminate Russian access to SWIFT because... it'll push Russia to an alternate set of markets where there are immature controls (or none at all with Bitcoin) and that would entirely undermine the USD hegemony. Between a rock and a hard place.




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