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I want to try and start up a small general engineering firm/workshop El Salvador, to assist with all the infrastructure that is surely coming. Any bitcoiner want to join forces, DM me and let’s chat

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Quick tokenize this internet thing
did you know you can use the internet to sell stuff without using a blockchain?

Check out this tweet on how the German government have been aiming for maximum fear to promote powerlessness and get away with lockdowns. The document is explosive! Make no mistake, this is not only occurring in Germany. This is happening in your country too


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"Oh man, these russian cops beating up peaceful kids protesting against Putin are so mean! Fascist pigs! What? Oh...this is the Democratic West fighting evil conspiracy theorists and science deniers! Oh, ok, all good then! The kid is the fascist here! Go cops! FOR SCIENCEEEE!!!!"
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It’s for your health!

This is about collapsing the economy so that the WEF can usher in their great reset and new normal. But this won’t work. The cat’s out of the bag :bitcoin:

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Looks like herd immunity worked in Sweden. So we didn’t need lockdowns, we didn’t need the fear, we didn’t need to keep kids out of school (though this is government education and is already corrupt so was an opportunity to teach them real things) and we didn’t need to raise suicide rates due to depression. This is not and has never been about a virus. The IMF tried to bribe these countries to lockdown but they refused: Belarus, Tanzania, etc.


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Seems like Project Veritas is working ok exposing Twitter. It’s definitely not trending like it should but the should be checked out.

wheres your head and shoulders pattern now? Go fuck yourself, says :bitcoin:

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My father has been saying this for a while in regards to Covid, "You can run, but you can't hide".

Regardless of your opinion on severity, at some point you will catch it.

Destroying society to buy a few more months seems silly.

@NunyaBidness I have been watching your Mastodon video tutorials - thank you for those! Wondering whether I am able to copy your list so that I can start to curate my own? I find I take a long time normally to populate my own followings...

I've already done a bit of blocking! NO. FUCKING. SHITCOINS. :bitcoin:

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Stop locking down businesses & start locking up politicians 💯

This feed feels empty without all the lols Peter Schiff provides. We need to coerce him onto this platform somehow

Tough day toiling out there hodling like a motherfucker. We’ve been here before. That was just level 1 before 50k

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