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@laurentmt @NicolasDorier @orionwl @waxwing I was thinking of making a tool akin to the EFF's Panopticlick: measuring entropy leaked by transactions. For example: "Your transaction uses RBF, 1 in 35 does so, this leaks X bits of information"

If you are a , switch from to (formerly ) for your website analytics.

Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more:
- Free open-source software
- 100% data ownership
- User privacy protection
- User-centric insights
- Customisable and extensible
- Easy to use
- No data limits


Using and proofs, obscures transactions, balances and sender and receiver identities.

Such additions would be applied to the itself, as an option for users looking to anonymize their payment channel usage.

makes it much more difficult to apply surveillance and blacklists on , increasing the fungibility of the currency

Here's my list of the top 10 and influencers:
10. Study, learn, think for yourself, and run a .

A wallet doesn't hold bitcoin and in fact the world is very misleading. It's one of the problems in the naming of our industry.

Bitcoin is always on the blockchain, it cannot be anywhere else.

What we call a 'wallet' is actually a . It contains, connects and controls and these keys are numbers.

Your wallet contains numbers that allows you to unlock, sign for, control the bitcoins that are on the blockchain.

1. Mastodon supports 2FA, so you should go enable that in settings.

2. Use a vpn or tor if you don't want @nvk to know your ip address(es)

Comparison between the price of (in red) and the number of 'hidden cryptocurrency ' discovered by Kaspersky Lab (in green) between January and December 2017.

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Source article (in italian):

using namespace std;

int main()
cout << "Hello, World!";
return 0;

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