I had a vision: suddenly, every ' Expert' became an ' Expert' 😂

These guys are fucking ridiculous...

plans on launching an for his Bitcoin.com website with a special exclusively for holders (himself, Jihan, and Craig 😂)

The layers to this scam keep getting comically worse.

now requires full to buy miners "due to regulatory compliance requirements".

This, in combination with the upcoming and with all the vouchers people have been receiving, sounds like they're giving incentives to customers to do full KYC to clean their books.

Source: WhalePanda

Own or other digital currencies, 2018.

Turkey: 18%
Romania: 12%
Poland: 11%
Spain: 10%
US: 8%
Austria: 8%
Germany: 8%
Italy: 8%
Australia: 7%
Netherlands: 7%
UK: 6%
France: 6%
Belgium: 5%
Luxembourg: 4%

Source: ING | think.ing.com/uploads/reports/

If you are a , switch from to (formerly ) for your website analytics.

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Comparison between the price of (in red) and the number of 'hidden cryptocurrency ' discovered by Kaspersky Lab (in green) between January and December 2017.

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