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Here's my list of the top 10 and influencers:
10. Study, learn, think for yourself, and run a .

"If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry." - Satoshi Nakamoto

I had a vision: suddenly, every ' Expert' became an ' Expert' 😂

These guys are fucking ridiculous...

plans on launching an for his website with a special exclusively for holders (himself, Jihan, and Craig 😂)

The layers to this scam keep getting comically worse.

Lightning Network has more nodes than Ripple, bcash and Litecoin put together

If you asked me if there is life without I would answer YES! 😆

no other application running over the internet has the most ambitious privacy projects in the world.

now requires full to buy miners "due to regulatory compliance requirements".

This, in combination with the upcoming and with all the vouchers people have been receiving, sounds like they're giving incentives to customers to do full KYC to clean their books.

Source: WhalePanda

The best thing did was to create , the second one was to disappear.

Own or other digital currencies, 2018.

Turkey: 18%
Romania: 12%
Poland: 11%
Spain: 10%
US: 8%
Austria: 8%
Germany: 8%
Italy: 8%
Australia: 7%
Netherlands: 7%
UK: 6%
France: 6%
Belgium: 5%
Luxembourg: 4%

Source: ING |

Tor Browser 8.0a10, the second alpha based on Firefox ESR 60, includes major updates to the user onboarding experience, a revamped start page, and more.

Help us test it out before the stable release hits:

Consider using 's and 's as your primary address.

It is not only faster, but will never store any information or that identifies an end user.

's vision: stockpiling a big supply of coins with no demand and then trying to pass them off at big multiples through an 😅

Among EU member states, it’s hilarious: they claim but they rely mostly on Chinese , on American , and they need a famous Russian to reveal the 😂

Don’t ask me how much bitcoin I have,
Ask me why I have the bitcoin I have.

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