Update on the Honduran “citadel” project (more of a federated Indian reservation under Delaware Common Law)
1. First district is live and moving dirt
2. Customs regulations are in place
3. Second district will soon, hopefully, go live
4. We are working on developing regulations for crypto banking and exchanges along with commodity markets.

What we created was a hack space for private government.

So anyone using AWS is at risk of being deplatformed by an unaccountable group of employees who might not like you for political reasons. They are probably against Bitcoin as well because of “energy usage”. Good luck running a Bitcoin businesses on AWS.

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We are now posting our content on the free & open-source social media network Mastodon via bitcoinhackers.org!

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Excited to be joined by @J9Roem and @benthecarman for Citadel Dispatch later today.

Our focus will be on privacy, censorship, and open source software. Get your questions ready!

Join us live in 4 hours at 5PM EST / 2200 UTC via twitter, youtube, or twitch: CitadelDispatch.com.

In 2019, Kamala Harris said she would enact red flag laws to seize firearms of alleged ‘white nationalists’

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

My biggest concern is the sovereign onion only lightning network which currently relies on reliable Tor uptime otherwise funds are at risk.

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@NunyaBidness been here a while just dont use it. Seems to be gaining more new users this time but im not convinced it will stick.

I just published 'Verifying Software 101'

In this article I walk through every step required to verify @SpecterWallet on Linux or Mac.

Full disclosure... I only started doing this myself very recently. It really isn't as hard as you think!

Enjoy 🍻


Trying this again 😂 seems like more of us here now 🤙

4,339,839 accounts
+191 in the last hour
+3,212 in the last day
+46,707 in the last week

The Blockstream Satellite API is an interesting way to deliver data to users. Due to the one-way transmission (sat -> user antennas), you can cover a huge area and will be received privately. There are no responses transmitted by users (it's like a radio station transmitting music to car radios), so it's impossible to determine who received it. And with error correction it's tolerant to poor signal reception.

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