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Convincing people to buy something by being nice to them is what sales people do. This is a fiat mentality and results in little to no conviction.

sells itself and produces holders with conviction.

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Black Market Matters.
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@giacomozucco @zndtoshi @matt_odell @martybent @PeterMcCormack Black market is an interesting term. Having lived in a few places where the black market was the real market, it’s easy to see that black just means not supported by the govt but it’s almost always a more honest reflection of people’s wants and needs. So yeah, Bitcoin is black.

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Bitcoiners should be preparing themselves for full Bitcoin criminalization. This won't be an easy road

I love it how in India weed is still illegal but literally, every other movie and tv show has an orthogonal weed scene somewhere, without any requirement from the story whatsoever.

The trend recently boosted after a lot of Bollywood celebrities got their weed texts leaked from Whatsapp.

The mass responded by embracing weed more broadly than criminalizing.

This is interesting because cultural normalization is a powerful antifragile force, against which regulation is literally impossible.

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The more I am here, the less I am feeling any urge to open Twitter.

Let pure bitcoin contents flow through my veins and I will worry about the burning world later.

Mastodon EE2E encrypted private message in cooking. 🔥 🔥

Amazes me how the phenomenon of "gradually then suddenly" occurs.


If you are having fun here today here's an interesting conversation with the creator of mastodon.


follow the jack of this ship here

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I know @orionwl has a GitHub mirror on Tor. Are there any docs to help contributors continue to access and contribute to Bitcoin Core in the scenario that either Bitcoin Core or the individual gets booted from GitHub? I will try to collect info here bitcoin.stackexchange.com/ques

There are few problems though from an aspect of social media.

1. won't be possible to publicize or broadcast content.

2. Less social density reduces memeability. Mostly we will se reposting of memes from twitter.

3. Things cant go viral here, yet.

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Mastodon feels more intimate, direct with a sense of belonging. Chances are it can grow in quality for bitcoiners as they unexpectedly start getting the smell of a digital citadel.

Things I am worried about though:

1. Burden of server maintenance
2. Redundancy of servers.
3. Privacy of user data and tweets.

The nature of this platform will also create difficulty for content creators to reach market audiences.

But I guess thats just the tradeoff of freedom.

I don't know about you guys. But I am really enjoying the calm here.

Whose up for some cypherpunk Bitcoin convos involving demolition of nationstates?

This place can eventually become the Bitcoin safe heaven forum. Let's see.

Higher char limits,
less price noise,
no scams and ads,
important people already on board,
so far so good.

Feeling cute. Might delete Twitter later.

Test toot on mastodon!!

Comment below if you see this so that I can follow you.

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