Walllets need a simple button to coinjoin, atomic swap, or go off chain for a small fee and have the btc return untraceable.

Dear banks,
Please fuck off.
And while you’re at it,
Burn in hell.

Bitcoin is reparations for the mass theft and oppression of the state and central banks.

2 simple truths the majority of people have not comes to terms with yet:

-Governments globally are outright robbing & committing extortion of their citizens.

-They actually don't give a damn about you.

is the only thing capable of fixing this.

“Paper money has had the effect in your state that it will ever have, to ruin commerce, oppress the honest, and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice.” -George Washington

States that adopt a Bitcoin Standard will usher in a new way of life for its citizens that has not been experienced since the Renaissance.

Paid leave is bitcoin.
Child care is bitcoin.
Caregiving is bitcoin.

Some of the many Unconstitutional (illegal) agencies in the US:

Federal Reserve
DOE (energy and education)
Social Security
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

According to Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. There are many others. These may be the most consequential, imo.

The country’s success was largely due to the extreme limits placed on the federal govt, which have been eroded over time to a severe degree.

Life is short. Every dollar you or your ancestors make represents a portion of life that has been sacrificed. Every moment of life is precious. Every dollar taxed or printed is a theft, by government and banks, of your precious moments of life.

Search engines, whether Google or privacy conscious, feel to be getting even worse, almost unusable for me seeking quality content.

Prices are supposed to be a signal to the market to help individuals navigate how they spend their time, resources and effort.

Manipulating prices negatively affects how a person spends a portion of their life.
Price manipulation is a life tax and therefore profoundly evil.

It should be very clear to everyone that politicians should not be making decisions for anyone. They possess no special ability to do so, and their incentives are corrupt. Very few of them are worthy of respect. They are under no obligation to serve those who are forced to pay their salary. Geographically monopolist government will one day be widely viewed as a strange, primitive and immoral social system. Good ideas do not require force. Defund politicians. Legalize sound money. Free humanity.

This could be the most important podcast of 2021: exploring + Lightning Network + Sphinx Chat as an unstoppable stack for free speech, anonymity, and true digital liberty.

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As long as people accused of victimless crimes are detained against their will, injustice reigns. High profile examples include Ulbricht, Assange, and Snowden, who are political prisoners. This is uncivilized and immoral. These are violations of civilized treaties and internationally agreed upon standards of humanity.

@georgevaccaro apparently he’s just another “intrinsic value” moron. Who popularized this phrase? It is ambiguous and not useful. The key features of bitcoin are, in fact, intrinsic. And there has never before been an asset which has all of them. Censorship resistant, permissionless, borderless, decentralized, trust minimized. There is tremendous intrinsic value for humanity in the protocol, which is why it was created. Anyone suggesting otherwise has a severe lack of intelligence or integrity.

$1.9T "Relief Bill" / 128M Households = $14,792 per household

Total direct payments per household = $3,400

$14,792 - $3,400 = $11,392 net wealth confiscated per household

This relief bill only relieves citizens of their wealth.

fixes this.


It's easy for governments to wage wars because they no longer need to convince citizens to fund them—they can just steal from savers through inflation and debt.

Don't let them take your money to fight their wars. Support peace by holding bitcoin.
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BREAKING: US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKES IN SYRIA - breaking911.com/breaking-us-la

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